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::: Center, Pueblo Nuevo, 8 casas here
Punta Gorda + del Medio, 4 casas here
Rancho Luna + Milpas, 9 casas here
By far the most water-oriented city on the island (puerto, punta, bahia, canal, ferry), it is the only Cuban city founded by French colonials from Bordeaux, Philadelphia and Louisiana, the city was first located at the point on the bay of Jagua, by Don Luis de Clouet as an outpost in 1829 and a city in 1880.

Its huge bay,
Bahia de Jagua, is a sight to behold : 88 sq km (19 km long x 7 wide). It reaches the open sea through a 3,6 km-long sinuous canal which passes by Castillo de Jagua and Pasacaballo to end before Punta Gavilan. The bay named Jagua, is the most important local natural resource. The entire economic and social life of the region revolves around it, and it has influenced local traditions, customs, and legends since the nineteenth century.

The shoreline and its attendant activities (such as fishing, beach activities, and scuba diving) are
deeply rooted in Cienfuegos culture. The twice-daily tide allows fishermen to catch enough crustaceans to offer meals (albeit illegal) in Castillo de Jagua and its small pueblo called El Perché.

Refuge of pirates during the 17th century, (Drake, de Sores, Bruce, Morgan, Craff), the rivers Caunao, Salado, Damují and Arimao flow to the bay, with Arimao wide enough to be called a lake and Guanaroca now a protected area.

Pearl of the South" (Perla del Sur), its prodigal son, mambo music legend, known as El Barbaro del Ritmo, Benny Moré called it simply "the town I like the most". So do a lot of visitors.

Streets are easy to locate in its square plan and the historical, cultural and architectural treasures of its old town in the centre and on
Punta Gorda are now a National Monument as well as — since Spring 05 — a UNESCO World Heritage Site, well worth a stay.
Aguada de Pasajeros (highway junction), 56
Camaguey, 324
Ciego Montero (baths) 28
El Nicho, 52
Guajimico, 32
Holguin, 542
Jaguey Grande, 94
Jardin Botanico, 18

La Habana Vieja, 239
Matanzas, 191
Manicaragua, 58
Palmira, 14
Pasacaballo-Milpas, 23

Playa Giron, 81
Playa Larga, 118
Playa Rancho Luna, 17
Ranchuelo, 47

Santa Clara, 68
Sancti Spiritus, 148
Santiago de Cuba, 660

Trinidad, 84
Varadero, 178


Camilo Villalvilla Soto — extrañas aves migratorias no3
Orquideario Macradenia in Palmira boasts 1,200 species of orchids. Our notes here.
cienfuegos map prov
Map - City — Detailed downtown plus Punta Gorda
Map - Architecture & Landscape: 43 in City Center
Map - Architecture & Landscape: 29 in Punta Gorda
Map - Downtown Pueblo Nuevo UNESCO Heritage Site
Map - North part of Punta Gorda
Map - Punta Gorda with our casas
Map - From the highway at Aguada de Pasajeros
Map - From Cienfuegos to Trinidad
Map - Province of Cienfuegos
Train Schedule on fahrplancenter.com
Viazul Bus Schedule - Route 18 Habana - Trinidad
Viazul Bus Schedule - Route 42 Vinales - Trinidad
Island-wide bus connections (horariodebuses.com/)
Daily currency exchange rates
Cascada El Nicho (Waterfall)
Rising and downward tides - Bay of Cienfuegos
Guajimico scuba diving
Yoga group used to meet calle 37 y 52 - Otherwise
All that's natural in Cienfuegos province
Listen Live - Radio Progreso 680 [tunein.com]
Today's arrivals and departures at local airport
Weather forecast for the next 14 days (a fortnight)

The whole web CUBACASAS.NET
POPULATION 166,227 (2007)

Covadonga, El Amanecer (37th), El Cochinito, El Criollito Pepe (33th), El Mandarin (37th y 60), El Pollito (37th), El Resplandor (37th), La Cueva del Camaron, 1819 (37th y 56), Palacio de Valle — A list of 27 so-called "top" local restaurants here

Casa Prado, avenida 37 (once on our list of casas), Casona de Conde, on Punta Gorda (room is noisy), Villa Lagarto at the end of Punta Gorda (service annoys lodgers)

Local Yoga Instructor : Sosa, tel. (45) 29-4572 Mercado Agropecuario, the large fruit & veggie market (avenida 58 corner calle 31) hugely recommended as it has arguably some of the best selection of fruits on the island. Aeropuerto (c/o Cubana Tel. 5868 ou 7994) Clinica 70-08 Cubacel 45-82-22 Cubana 45-13-28 Havanautos 45-1211 Transautos 2-79-82 Transtur 7892 Viazul 81-14, 57-20

Parque central Martí + Bulevar (pedestrian, avenida 54) + Parque Villuendas + Parque Imago + Parque de la Circunvalacion + Parque la Aduana + La Bolera + RCM (Radio Ciudad del Mar) Malecon, calle 37, e/36y38 + Libreria Prado-San Fernando + Correos de Cuba, reparto La Pastorita + Universidad Cienfuegos + el Rápido in Punta Gorda + CEN (Castillo de Jagua) To get yourself a 1cuc per hour card go to the Telepunto offices open 8h30-19h30 (Calle 31 e/ 54 y 56) or Centro Multiservicios (Ave. 54 e/ 35 y 37).

Cubanisimo de Artex on Punta Gorda with great live band shows : don't miss local group Ante Misto ! Discoteca Beny Moré Cabaret de Jagua Malecon Casa de la Cultura Benjamin Duarte Tropisur Costa Sur Café Teatro Terry These nightspots publish a regular "What On" bulletin. PDF here. Other nightspots include • La Caribeña Palacio de la Musica Palacio de Turismo Sala del centro Dramático Teatro Guiñol UNEAC

Bus (see link above left; Circuito Norte below or click Cuba map at right for Viazul web page)

Trains La Habana Every 3rd day from Habana Central station, train #19 leaves at 07h00, a 10-hour ride making 38 stops and arrives here at 17h20

Architecture & Map Guide of City Centre : 43 sites

Club Cienfuegos on Punta Gorda ! Good food, swimming pool for a fee, lovely views from its terrace. Was the site (up to the 1980's) of Formula 1 speedboat races, close to the rowing school and the marina which rents kayaks. © Wanda Bendik |The other side of the building opens on calle 37, continuation of the wide avenue crossing the town center, el Prado. The two carriages are caballo-powered taxis ; ) © sogestour

Punta Gorda © Blair Bessette
Blowin' in the wind at Jardin Botanico © asielgustavo, panoramio | Mini map of the bay © sogestour

Palacio del Valle © Blair Bessette
Asemblea Provincial building and city hall [Ayuntamiento] on Parque Marti; its members are duly elected every 5 years. In Jan 08 election, 70% of elected candidates for the province were women — none had to belong to Communist Party © Ricardo, picasaweb | Palacio del Valle on Punta Gorda : music and meals in a so-so atmosphere © Blair Bessette

Ferry leaving the dock at El Perché below Castillo de Jagua — the antique fort recently restaured — and crossing to Pasacaballo © sogestour | Parque de la Punta with a tiny water access for dipping off a micro beach, steps from the last casas at the tip of Punta Gorda on calle 35 © sogestour

Teatro Tomas Terry © Jorge Tutor
Teatro Tomas Terry, one of most stunning in the country entirely restored © Jorge Tutor |The ferry plies the bay waters and the sea-leading channel going from the port to Castillo de Jagua (El Perché), Pasacaballo (and its only building, the namesake hotel here in background). On the way back to town, it sometimes makes a stop at Cayo Carena © sogestour

Caballo (horse) on calle Lamar on the big point, Punta Gorda © asielgustavo, flickr | This yet-to-be-woman is already taking the stance by (seemingly) teaching (something) to seven yet-to-be-men © partwish, picasa — Enlarge

The big point —
Punta Gorda — advancing in the bay has always been a cherished spot for Cuban bigwigs as well as visitors. In the Thirties on this postcard.

On the big point, the main property is
Hotel Jagua's Palacio del Valle, once a casino project by (and for the sole benefit of) dictator Batista © pdv_zamorano, flickr, com

The narrow channel for cruise ships, sailboats or kayaks passes in front of Pasacaballo Hotel and Castillo de Jagua © bertaycortes.com



The Conectando Cuba daily Transtur bus leaves most Havana hotels from 7 to 7:40 am, stops for lunch, gets in Cienfuegos at local hotels Union at 14h00, Jagua at 14h15 and Rancho Luna 14h45 for 20cuc. Other arrivals on same service from Trinidad at 08h05-08h50 and Varadero at 11h-11h45. Click for PDF.

The very popular Circuito Norte Viazul bus circuit leaving daily from Trinidad at 07:30 goes through Cienfuegos at 08h50, then on to Santa Clara, Camajuani, Remedios and Caibarien also goes to cayos Las Brujas, Ensenachos and all the way to Santa Maria on the Cayeria del Norte, about 185km north of Trinidad; returns here daily at 18h30. Sked here

Twice a day in both directions, a Viazul bus stops here at the
local guagua terminal located Calle Gloria e/ 56 y 58, Tel. (43) 51-81-14


The almost mythical Cayo Carena still shows some standing buildings, some full of stories to tell and a nice playita surely among the less used in the whole of the Caribbean.

From the Marlin marina, daily trips (catamaran or boat) are made to Cayo Carena including a 45-min stop to allow a dip in the bay from the beach.

Duration : two hours there and back, 16cuc pp. Other boat rides on this page.
© Gustavo Rumbaut, panoramio

The cross-bay ferry leaves daily from the city port at 13h00 and goes to the channel at the dock below the little town of El Perché under the Castillo de Jagua (the Fortaleza de Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles, work of French Engineer Sébastien Le Pestre), facing the Hotel Pasacaballo, near Milpas (casa for rent) across the narrow but deep canal.

This ferry returns to town passing by Cayo Carena (photos at left) an small island which was a refuge for the rich with second homes.

With a bird's eye view, one can see remains of some buildings
more here.

Cayo Carena 2 hours 16cuc;
El Castillo, el Perché, 3 hours 16cuc;
Bar Abierto (open bar), 2 hours 16cuc;
Puesta del Sol (sunset cruise), 2 hours 16cuc;
Paseo por la Bahia, 1 hour 12cuc.

All leave on boat or catamaran from Marina Marlin in Punta Gorda, by the sculpture park - Parque de las Esculturas. Click photo for details. Tel (43) 55-1699

From a UNESCO page on the city centre : "The most representative buildings include : the Government Palace (City Hall, current office of the Asemblea Provincial ), Colegio San Lorenzo School, the Bishopric, the Ferrer Palace, the former lyceum building Biblioteca Liceo, and some residential buildings. "At present, in the historic centre, there are six buildings that remain from the first half of the 19th century, and 327 buildings from the second half. There are 1188 buildings from the 20th century, most of them from the first half. There are some 300 public buildings, and the rest are mainly residential."
& Landscape
72 sites
Centro map
Punta map.
Casa de los leones
Pedestrian streets

Cementero de la Reina

Biblioteca Liceo
Palacio del Valle
Palacio del Valle

Colegio San Lorenzo

Palacio Ferrer

Teatro Tomás Terry

Parque José Marti

Jardin Botánico

Palacio de Blanco

FBC - Art showroom

Arco de Triunfo

Fortaleza de Jagua

Asemblea provincial

Museo historico naval

Punta Gorda

Paseo del Prado

Café Palatino

Hotel La Union

Through the three agencies located on pedestrian Avenida 54 e/29 and 31, side by side : Cubanatur, Havanatur and Cubanacan (on the Prado facing Coppelia), you can choose from the following tours : City Tour, 12cuc; Las Montañas / El Nicho, 30cuc; Botanical Gardens, 16cuc (min 5 pax); Yaguanabo Arriba, 19cuc; Trinidad, 25cuc; Playa Giron & Guama, 40cuc (54 w/lunch); Varadero, 45cuc; La Habana, 55cuc; Cayo Largo by boat from La Habana (bus to south coast, catamaran, lunch, beach), 89cuc

Laguna Guanaroca (12km) : flora, large shrimp farm, manatees, ducks and pink flamingos; Pasacaballo and Milpas by ferry to Castillo de Jagua; jeep ride to Cascada El Nicho (49km) in large El Nicho Nature Park [photo here]; scuba diving at from Rancho Luna (30 dive sites including one of a huge coral trumpet; scuba diving at Guajimico (40km, on the way to Trinidad)

If you're staying in town centre and want to swim, take a (horse-drawn is better) cab all the way to the very end of Punta Gorda. There, the lovely small park has a tiny (20-foot wide) playa where you can dip in. In town, Hotel La Union will charge you to spend the day by the pool. So will the pool by the Jagua, full day for 7cuc including drinks or food or from 2 to 6 pm for a 3 cuc fee, nothing included. Bring ear plugs against loud reggaeton music, Cuba's deafening plague.

The best long beach in the area is spread along the
Rancho Luna hotel and resort some 20km from center (hotel shuttle busses from town); although not the finest sand beach (kinda grainy); along with Playa Arimao (500 m east, mostly deserted) it's the best you'll get near town. As elsewhere on the island, the beaches are not limited to guests as all playas are public in Cuba ;- ) Some casas very near those two beaches can be found below, here.

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::: Make sure that in your first email or phone call you specify that you want to book a room in that particular casa and that you will reconfirm your booking on arrival in Cuba ::: So as to not abandon expecting owners with empty rooms, reconfirm (or call ahead to cancel) your booking by phone as soon as you can after arriving in Cuba ::: Please write or phone a casa owner to cancel a booking. As late as it may seem, it allows them a chance to rebook. ::: Children under the age of 16 may share a bedroom with adults for free. Specify the child's age when booking. ::: At the end of the casa name, the V signals the casa was suggested by travelers or owners but not verified by the website staff (what staff?). If you try it and like it, write us about it. ::: Unless otherwise mentioned, the average room rates and service prices are : 25-30cuc per bedroom per night [up to 40+ for 4 in a room]; breakfasts 5cuc, dinners 8-12cuc ::: Any casa particular anywhere in Cuba must have a hot water shower, otherwise it cannot have a permit to rent ::: Please share your Complaints, comments & suggestions webmaster [@]cubacasas.net
Parque Marti © mountainsoftravelphotos.com •[• Teatro Tomas Terry rooftop detail © mountainsoftravelphotos.com
• from Canada and the USA : 011 53 (add phone # preceded by 43 for Cienfuegos) • from Europe, Great Britain, Scandinavia and Mexico : 00 53 (add phone # preceded by 43 for Cienfuegos) ••• HOW TO DIAL A CUBAN PHONE NUMBER HERE ••• CELL PHONE NUMBERS on our town lists and casa pages do not need to be preceded by 05 for calls originating Havana; from anywhere else in Cuba, dial 8 digits of the cell.

Click on logo to open a message addressed to that casa in your email application; or right-click to copy address. Spanish vocabulary here. Google translate here.

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Two aircon br, ensuites, roof dining area & suite
Calle 39 #5818, e/ 58 (Santa Cruz) y 60 (Santa Elena), 100 m from Paseo del Prado (ave 37) and 5 mins to Parque Marti. Tel. (43) 51-89-91

Two upstairs ac br's, ensuites, roof terrace
Avenida 56 (San Carlos) # 2927 altos (upstairs), e/ calles 29 y 31, back of Hotel Union almost on Parque Marti. Tel. (43) 51-61-43

CASA DE LA AMISTAD © jorn nielsen + nayla61
Three ac bedrooms, ensuites, patio & dining area
Avenida 62, # 4513 e/ 45 y 47, near Parque Villuendas and Taberna Bucanero. Tel (43) 59-7425 cel 53 66 88 68


Three ac bedrooms, ensuites, patio
Calle 39 #4616, e/ 46 (La Mar) y 48, in historical center, one block from main street, the Prado and 300m from the Malecon. Tél. (43) 51 6739 cel 52 47 19 81

La Cascada
Three ac bedrooms, ensuites, three terraces
Avenida 50 (Santa Clara) # 3320 entre 33 (Hourrutiner) y 35 (Gacel), one block from Teatro Luisa and 4 blocks from central park José Marti. Tel. (43) 51-9370 cel 53 38 06 22

Upstairs, three ac br's, ensuites, terrace, kitchen
Avenida 42 (5 de Septiembre) 5503, e/55 y 57, steps from IMAGO (wifi, grocery), 8 blocks from bayside Malecon and 6 from Viazul bus station. Tel. (43) 52-4052 cel 54 34 67 25

Cienfuegos - Villa Alondra

Upstairs, five ac bedrooms, ensuites, balcony
Calle 27, # 5205 e/ 52 (Argüelles) y 54 (San Fernando), overlooking central Parque Marti. Tel (43) 51-5391 cel 52 75 70 94


Three ac bedrooms, ensuites, patio
Calle 41 #5005, e/ 50 (Santa Clara) y 52 (Argüelles), in historical center, one block from main street, the Prado and 300m from the Malecon. Tél. (43) 55-0247  cel 53 42 15 43

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On the tip of Punta Gorda lies Hotel Jagua and its pavilions, including the Palacio del Valle and more buildings in the forefront - all at the end of the Prado or avenida 37.
The bay of Cienfuegos is nearly landlocked, being what is called a 'pocket bay', with a surface area of 88.46 km2, a shoreline of 100 km, and a total volume of 1.84 km3. It is 19 km long and 7.5 km at its widest point, with an average depth of roughly 9.5 m. Nature has divided it into two basins separated by a shoal (Las Cuevas) with an average depth of 1.5 m. This greatly influences water circulation within the ecosystem.

The access channel is narrow and tortuous, being 3.6 km long and between 30 and 50 m deep toward the middle. Its geography imposes limits on navigation because it forms a canyon containing coral reefs along with steeply eroded cliffs. Within the bay, there are 50 promontories and 20 coves or inlets, three of which are used as shelter for small and mid-sized vessels during high winds.

The most important coastal formations of the bay include rocky and sandy beaches, mangrove forests, marl deposits, sea grape groves, coastal scrubland (manigua), and dry bush. Vegetation is degraded in the eastern sector. The bay is dotted with 14 small islands or cays, the largest of which are Cayo Carenas, Cayo Ocampo and Cayo Alcatraz - Source: León et al. 2001 in IDRC-CRDI Canada
Architecture Guide & Map of Punta Gorda : 29 sites
Architecture Guide & Map of City Centre : 36 sites
Locate casas on Punta Gorda map here.
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Two ac bedrooms, ensuites, patio, great rates
Calle 45, 3801, e/ 38 y 40, three blocks behind Museo de la Clandestinidad. Map here. Tel. (43) 51-63-65 cell 52 90 89 24


Whole casa two ac br's, kitchen, great rates
Calle 45, #4203, e/ 42 y 44, two blocks from bayside Malecon and the Prado Map here. Tél. (43) 51-63-65 cell 52 90 89 24

Whole casa, ground, two ac br's, kitchen shared b
Calle 40, #3912, entre 39 y 41, two blocks from the bay. See map. Tél. (43) 51-63-65 cell 52 90 89 24

Upstairs, two ac br's, ensuites, large terrace
Avenida 38 #3901, e/ 39 y 41, one block from bayside Malecon. Map here. Tel. (43) 52 2682 cell 52 82 68 69

Three ac br's (2 up), ensuites, patio
Calle 37, # 1006, entre 10 y 12, in Punta Gorda, across from Club Cienfuegos. Map here. Tel. (43) 51-80-85

Miriam y Julia © Peter J. Tremblay
Two large ac bedrooms, private bathrooms
Calle 35, No. 405, entre 4 y 6, on Punta Gorda between the Marina and Hotel Jagua. Tel. (43) 51-75-42 cel. 58 51 78 23

www.particuba.net •|• Cienfuegos ::: Darsena
On the tip of Punta Gorda, the tiny Parque de la Punta © sogestour ::: Punta Gorda (big tip) and the bay© Danilo Pita, panoramio
Because of the exclusivity of these bayside casas with their unique access to the water or views of the bay, rental rates are higher than in town center : 30-35cuc (some 45, up to 80) per bedroom per night; normal checkout time — salida : 11h; normal check-in time — llegada : 13h; reconfirm rates and prices (drinks, meals, room, parking) by phone on arrival in Cuba + 24 hours before checking in.

Left, the flowered entrance, by casas Almar and Las Estancias, leading to casas Padron's, Los Delfines and Villa Lagarto. © sogestour

Two ac bedrooms, private bathrooms, bayside
Calle 35, No. 22 entre Zero y Litoral, Punta Gorda some 50m from Hotel Jagua. Tel. (43) 51-31-96

One ac bedroom, private bathroom, bayview
Calle 35, no 4B, entre Zero y Litoral, at the very end of Punta Gorda. Cellular 52 74 26 59

Villa Las Estancias © sogestour
Four new ac br's, ensuites, bayside + roof terrace
Calle 35, no 4, entre Zero y Litoral, at the very end of Punta Gorda. Tel. (43) 52-04-58 cel. 52 58 92 60

Three ac bedrooms, ensuites, pool
Calle 35 Apto 4B, entre Avenida Zero y Litoral, at the very end of Punta Gorda . Tel. (43) 51-99-66

Punta Gorda - Villa Lagarto

Footprint Handbook (FH), Frommer's Easy Guide (FG), GéoGuide (GG), Lonely Planet (LP), Le Routard (LR), National Geographic (NG), Petit Futé (PF) and web site Trip Advisor (TA) SL Specialty Lodging (Top 7 with 35+ comments) +
::: FH
: Adelaida, Bella Perla Marina, Las Golondrinas, Ivan y Lili, Mirtha Hostal, Punta Gorda : Zunilda y Raya, Mandy y Olga ::: FG : Casa Amistad, Bella Perla Marina, Hostal Colonial, Punta Gorda : Casa Piñeiro, Villa Lagarto, Las Estancias ::: GG : Las Golondrinas, Jorge y Maria Elena, Carlos y Ana Maria, Arcia y Norma Pérez, Bella Perla Marina, Autentica Perla ::: LP : Bella Perla Marina, Lagarto Ciudad, Villa Maria, Hostal Maité, Pepe y Isabel, Aurora del Mundo, Las Golondrinas, Casa de la Amistad, Claudio y Ileana Punta Gorda : Los Delfines, Angel y Isabel, Villa Lagarto ::: LR : Elias y Dagmara Ramos, Ivan y Lili, Casa de la Amistad, Esther Curbelo Martinez, Martha Peña, Bella Perla Marina, Maria Nunez Suarez Punta Gorda : Melba y Manuel, Mario y Luisa, Armando y Belkis ::: NG : Bella Perla Marina, Punta Gorda : Los Delfines ::: PF : Amalia Miguel y Elias (La Familia), Bella Perla Marina, Anita, Arelis y Jesus, Casa de la Amistad, Amigos de Barcelo, Cienfuegos Center, Isabel y Pepe, Rivero Novoa, Martha Peña, Regla Estevez Toledo (Puchy), Rolando y Elodia Punta Gorda : Villa Lagarto ::: TA SL :
Leo, Nautico, Don Jose, Colonial D+D, Colonial Martha, La Terraza de Adalberto, Tania & Adrian ::: TA SL : Martha Peña, Casa Verde 3709, Alondra, Lagarto Ciudad, Amigos de Barcelo, Bella Perla Marina, Los Mares, Las Golondrinas Punta Gorda : Zunilda y Raya, Los Delfines 26.02.18

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La longue route déserte entre la ville et la plage Rancho (et Faro) Luna © Jonathan, picasa.com
VIDEO OF DELFINARIO (Dolphin expl.) — here

Get here by grabbin' a cab and riding some 18 km around the bay to Rancho Luna (photo of road above) or take the ferry to Pasacaballos and walk or hitch or wait for the local bus in Cienfuegos center.
La longue route déserte entre la ville et la plage Rancho (et Faro) Luna © Jonathan, picasa.com
VILLA BUSTO (Hostal Panorama)
One ac bedroom, ensuite; fabulous view
Avenida del Golfo 11, Rancho Luna, near Hotel America and about 100 meters from Playa Rancho Luna. Cell 52 81 76 29 or 52 95 69 91

One air-conditioned bedroom, ensuite, sea view
Playa Rancho Luna, Carretera Rancho Luna-Pasacaballo. (43) 54-81-90 or (43) 51-95-70

Papa, Pablo y Sol
Two ac bedrooms, ensuites, shaded patio
Carretera Faro (lighthouse) Luna "Entrada del Hotel Faro Luna", casa #13. Tel (43) 54-8103 @
Two ac bedrooms, ensuites, sea view
Avenida del Golfo 11, Rancho Luna, near Hotel America and about 100 meters from Playa Rancho Luna. Tel (43) 54-8148

Sra Martha Soto

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Two air-conditioned bedrooms, ensuites
Carretera Faro (lighthouse) Luna or 200 meters before reaching Hotel Club Amigo Faro Luna. Cell 52 27 24 48

Cute casa located in the shade with impressive views of the sea; Dayemi rents.

One ac bedroom, private bathroom
Avenida del Golfo, Rancho Luna, before Hotel America to the right when arriving from Cienfuegos. Tél. (42) 51-81-32

"Very, very, nice casa and absolutely delicious food. Nice bedroom, veranda, garden." @
Stefan Loose
One air-conditioned bedroom, private bathroom
Carretera de Faro Luna or 1 km passed Rancho Luna resort. Tel. (43) 51-5744

Julio's casa is blue, same color as your heart will be when you'll have to leave it. Rancho/Faro Luna beach is but steps away.

Two ac bedrooms, roof terrace
Carretera de Faro Luna facing the lighthouse (Faro) resort. Cells 53 07 85 25 or 53 07 85 26

"The rooms and the entire casa are new. Lovely roof terrace, hammocks, and much more, a bar. Owners care about the welfare of the guests." Suzanne R. 23.12.15, stefan-loose
Whole house, three br's, two baths, bayside
At the end of carretera de Faro Luna in Punta La Milpa (or Milpas), near and passed Pasacaballo and its hotel; get there from town by taking the ferry which stops at Castillo de Jagua; see mini-map up here. Tel. (43) 60-5143, cel. 53 12 59 88


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