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Magalys Rodriguez Clemente & Eduardo with son Hanley
Calle 35, no 4, entre Zero y Litoral, at the very end of Punta Gorda (Grosse Pointe or Big Tip) in the dead-end pedestrian alley, left of the Parque de la Punta entrance. Tel. (43) 52-04-58

The couple has now been renting for 8 years, emulating their two closest neighbors, Villa Lagarto and Mandy y Olga all three at the end of a 25-meter long pedestrian path.

Upstairs, a large air-conditioned bedroom with two beds (united in photo below) and a clothes cabinet as well as a well-stocked pay-as-you-drink fridge. From the room guests can enjoy their private terrace overlooking the south side of the bay; stairs lead down to the ground floor.

A second a/c bedroom on the ground floor behind the living room leads to the back to the terrace and the dock on the bay a private guest spot to read or eat with the same fabulous view as above.

Rates : 35cuc per bedroom per night; breakfasts 5cuc, dinners 10cuc. Snacks and meals available 24/24, comp mojito on arrival.

[Cars have to be left in cae of watchman near the entrance to the Parque de la Punta.]

Magalis y Eduardo © sogestour
Magalis y Eduardo © sogestour
Magalis y Eduardo © sogestour
Magalis y Eduardo © sogestour
Ruta Magalis © Emilio de Cienfuegos

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