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The playa, the mountains of the Escambray and the mouth (La Boca) of Rio Guaurabo © sogestour
The Playa del  Rio, the mountains of the Escambray and the mouth (La Boca) of Rio Guaurabo.
Itins in CentroCasildaCienfuegosSancti SpiiritusSanta ClaraTrinidad
Small seaside village 4 km from Trinidad in the province of Sancti Spiritus, here's La Boca. Boasts a beach — La Playita —, a couple of seaside terrace restaurant and bar, ta few convenience shacks with bottled water, beer and the usual salty and fatty crap, a small grocery n'stuff in pesos only, three "vacation hotels" for government workers and the fishing boats anchored on the river. Most of all, the sea for miles of water to see.

Its little beach is at the mouth of a narrow river, the Guaurabo, where the barcas are parked. When we started coming by here in 01, we saw a beach that was in mala estado, eaten up by the undercurrents and covered with pebbles. 

Choose from our suggested casas as they're close to the beach, but most important, they're away from the nightly loud music emanating from nearby the govt-run hotels and rest villas the local hangout bars with the inevitable loudmouths and other bling-blings a few meters away. No es facil ; )

Map from Trinidad here. Map of region (Moon Handbooks) here.

Rent a bike to ride to Playa Aguilar or further Playa Ancon (seaside flat easy road but without shade) or all the way to Trinidad (gradual, gentle uphill to go; easy going down to return); some casas rent them out.
Locally : cocotaxis (yellow-cabined covered motorcycles), 3 pass. max. From here to Trinidad, $3 to 5 per person.
By minibus "Hop and Go" from Transtur goes through Trinidad and a seaside circuit passing here in La Boca, stops at hotel resorts and the port of Casilda.
By taxi to Trinidad, from Havana, 3 hrs 30 minutes, (via autopista nationale and Cienfuegos) : figure $25 per person, minimum 4 passengers.
By Conectando Cuba (Trans-Gaviota white busses) daily to Trinidad from La Habana, Cienfuegos or Vinales. Book through Cubanacan desk in hotel lobbies.
By Viazul a/c bus to Trinidad from La Habana : 4 hours, $25.

POPULATION 400 (mas o menos)
Ancon, 9 (hotels, playa)
Casilda, 9 (seaport)
Ciego de Avila, 149
Cienfuegos, 86
Hanabanilla, 104
La Habana, 325
Marina de Marlin, 9 (voiliers)
Manicaragua, 68
Santa Clara, 124
Santiago de Cuba, 596
Sancti Spiritus, 78
Torre Iznaga, 22
Trinidad, 4
Topes de Collantes, 27
Valle de los Ingenios, 22
Varadero, 273

Poster of the ICAIC
Aerial map of La Boca with casas
Map of region - Moon Handbooks
Detailed map of Trinidad [Moon & Muñoz]
Map of region kind of
Map of mountains & Topes de Collantes Park
Regional road map from cubamappa
Detailed road map from Cienfuegos to Casilda

Map of provincia sancti spiritus

Right here in La Boca, the small local beach named Playita; through the village up the road towards Ancon, first beach is Aguiar, (4 km) but enjoy it now because a 400-room hotel is going up there in 2018-19; then the long one on Ancon (6 km) where two more huge hotels are going up by 2018-19. Wanna exercise, bake your skin a tender red color while you enjoy your estancia ? 1) Rent a bike locally 2) ride all the way to the end of the peninsula, turn right at the marina junction, then left (total of 8 km) 3) pay the bike parking attendant one cuc to watch it 4) walk a few steps to the Hotel Ancon beach 5) get yourself a chair & pay the hotel watchguy 2cuc for the day and 6) if you didn't bring a lunch prepared by the casa, pay another hotal staff snack hustler to get you pizza or sandwich and bebidas 7) refresh your salty and hot body in the hotel pool or its poolside shower and ride your bike back all refreshed and ready for your casa-cooked home dinner. Or take the daily morning/late afternoon minibus that runs to/from the Ancon hotels; it goes back to Trinidad without passing by here, AFAIK

El Galeon near the playita : affordable snacks and meals. Oceano Terrace bayside at Real 80 : large wine selection, plate of fish and shrimp for 10cuc. Also : La Roca at the entrance of town. Pizza shack in front of Oceano, another on Aguilar Playa and a couple k's further yet another (expensive lobster and stuff) at La Curva de Alfredo (where the road from Casilda stops); beer supply (some rare wines also) is abundant on the seaside street with at least 3 roadside counters.

Artex (daily dance lessons) Casa de la Trova (group and dancing the son) Casa de la Musica Egrem (most popular with three stages near Iglesia Santisima) Casa de la Musica (daily dance lessons) Ciné Romelio Cornelio Parque Central Disco Las Cuevas (extraordinary cave) Las Ruinas (of Teatro Brunet) : open sky Palenque de Congos Reales (afro-Cuban rythms).

Facing casa Buena Vista, the Playa del Rio (or Playita) is the local beach. © sogestour

La Boca, Calle Real © sogestour
Calle Real follows the seaside, royally, and changes its name for avenida del Mar © sogestour

Seaside rest-o-rant, inviting with a very affordable menu : a 5-course meal with cocktail, entrée, chicken or pork main course and dessert for 2115CUP (US$6) or more vegan for 1645CUP (US$4.70). Calculated with the 350CUP for US$1 street rate of exchange - late April 2024. © thespartanvlogabout

Rio Guaurabo, pescador bote
Fisherman coming back from the sea on the mouth (La Boca) of the
Guaurabo river © unk AyL

La Boca, bar loco local © sogestour
For just a handful of pesos, empty in hand, one can get a refill in this sea-view bar — mainly for Cubans and curious travellers © sogestour

Fishing boats parked on the Guaurabo © sogestour
Fishing boats parked on the Guaurabo the river which flows down to the sea right by the small local beach; in background, mountains of the Escambray © sogestour

The mouth of the rio
Even at high tide, the mouth (La Boca) can be crossed (albeit con ciudado)
on caballo © swanepoel, flickr

From playita, view of calle Real,
From the playita,
view of calle Real, towards the west at Ancon Peninsula and its resorts, starting 3 km away © sogestour

Enlarge Moon Handbooks Map of the area
Sort of residential suburb of Trinidad, Playa La Boca can also be reached through Casilda © Avalon Travel

La Habana - Trinidad 2 x day on Viazul

VIAZUL La Habana - Trinidad 1 x day [dep 15h25 arr 22h30] via Playa Larga 18h35, Playa Giron 19h15, Cienfuegos 20h35 updated 15.01.24 rate 21p.p. NB Euros ONLY, Credit card ONLY, Website ONLY

Return Trinidad - La Habana [dep 07h00 - arr 14h05] via Cienfuegos 8h35 Playa Giron 10h05 Playa Larga 10h45 La Habana Terminal calle Independencia 14h05 updated 15.01.24 Mandatory booking website Viazul

On the seaside, sun setting, what more to say than
Carpe Diem © sogestour
La Boca beach — the so-called Playita — where it meets the Guaurabo river — in March 2013 © sogestour
La Boca's local beach — the so-called
Playa del Rio ("river beach", or La Playita as the Guaurabo river flows by it) : it's shallow, no waves, not a soft sand beach but then, you have to go to the end of the Ancon peninsula to find one © unk, AyL
This is the endless and quasi-deserted beach at Hotel Ancon © sogestour
This is the endless and quasi-deserted beach at Hotel Ancon © sogestour
Wanna exercise, bake your skin a tender red color while you enjoy your estancia ?
Read our suggestion at PLAYAS up this page.
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From anywhere in the world using the free whatsapp app on a cell phone connected to wifi; list the casa name and its cell number in your contacts; then go to whatsapp and add the contact and call. From anywhere else in Cuba, dial the 8 digits of the cell. Avoid roaming : get a Cuban Sim card ready on arrival. Google translate here.

Click on logo to open a message addressed to that casa in your email application; or right-click to copy address. Spanish vocabulary here. Google translate here.
Click photos to reach their page & description. Localise them on this bird's eye map.
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See all casas in sequence
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One ac br, ensuite, veranda, sea view
Calle Real (the seaside road) 47 with the best front porch view in the country. Home (41) 98-4216 Maria Teresa whatsapp +5352617821

Three ac br's, ensuites, large lot, bay view
Calle San José #3, e/ Real y Rio. facing the beach, 10m away. Home (41) 98-4368 Guillo whatsapp +5358070039 

Complete two-bedroom casa, balcon on the sea
Calle Real #62, seaside, steps from playa del Rio. Home (41) 98-4368 Guillo whatsapp +5358070039

Upstairs, three ac bedrooms, terraces
Calle Real 31, 20 m from (and view of) the playa. Tel. (41) 99-8214 whatsapp +5353202266 or whatsapp +5354157590

Upstairs, three ac br's, ensuites, views
Calle Refugio, e/ ave. del Sol y Gran Via, 300 m from the sea atop a hill at the entrance of the village. whatsapp +5352408012

Two ac br's, ensuites, enclosed patio
Avenida del Mar (Calle Real) 87, entre calle F y calle G facing the sea. (41) 98-4365 whatsapp +5352645530 or whatsapp +5353938646



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Sunset on the local Playita