Luis y Maribel & their son José Luis
Playa Rancho Luna,
Carretera Rancho Luna-Pasacaballo. (43) 54-81-90 or (43) 51-95-70

"I have been going to Cienfuegos every year since 2001. I have stayed in different casas particulares in Rancho Luna. I have recommended in 2011 a nearby casa that many people have adopted since - Vista Al Mar.

"I would now like to recommend a new casa overlooking the sea. The rear terrace is beautiful and shady. The lady cooks up an excellent cuisine. This is the "casa of the beekeeper". I include some pictures but you must visit. I hope that you can add it to your sites. " Roseline Chouinard, November 2013

photos © r chouinard

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