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The city holds a special place in the heart of the descendants of barbubos (the bearded ones) as it was here that the famous attack on Batista's armoured train sealed the fate of the Revolución in the last days of 1958.

One can find here all of the mementos of this passage in the
recent Cuban history (Monument to Martyrs, Memorial to the Che, Museum of the Tren blindado).

Today, the peaceful city's
stable economy with its many light industries in the area is maintaining a high job quota and gives a sense of comfort, to visitors and foreign students joigning Cubans who have chosen one of the 22 Faculties of Universidad Marta Abreu to make up the local student population of 27,000 estudiantes.

The pedestrian
bulevar shows off many hard-to-find products in its renovated tiendas. Its large fruit & vegetable market by the estadio de beisbol estadio also bears proof of a refreshing livelyhood.

The large and welcoming
Parque Vidal will soon boast the largest store in Cuba along with a soon to be renovated Teatro de la Caridad and one of the loveliest museums on the island, Museo de Artes Decorativas.

Culture is expressed seemingly more freely, daily, publicly (and "gaily"), away from the habitual self-censorship in places like
El Mejunje, La Marquesina and El Carishow unique show venues. Carpe Diem !

A mere 63 kilometers north by way of Remedios and Caibarien is the Cayeria Norte (the northern keys) with Cayo Santa Maria and some great beaches and all-inclusive resorts.
Caibarien, 56
Camaguey, 269
Camajuani, 30
Cayo Ensenachos, 105
Cayo Las Brujas, 99
Cayo Santa Maria, 109
Cienfuegos, 61
Elguea (baños), 130
Hanabanilla (lac, chutes),67
Holguin, 477
La Habana Vieja, 292
Manicaragua, 45
Pinar del Rio, 399
Remedios, 46
Sagua la Grande, 54
Santiago, 616
Sancti Spiritus, 85
Topes de Collantes, 86
Trinidad, 106

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Map - Architectural & Landscape Guide : 36 places
Map - City Tourist Center, latest update 2011
Map - City centro, around Parque Vidal + casas
Map - Cuba's three center provinces
All that's natural in Villa Clara province

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POPULATION 238,028 (2007)

Parque Leoncio Vidal (heart of the ciudad, Biblioteca, Teatro, Ciné, Museos)
Plaza del Carmen (a few blocks in straight line from Vidal Park : first mass in its Iglesia in 1689)
Museo de Artes Decorativas (one of best run in Cuba : Empire, Baccarat, Art nouveau, Art déco)
Teatro de la Caridad (marvel built in 1885, ceilings, history, stage instruments) reopened after major overhaul in July 2009
Facing the city's only Casa del Tabaco — House of Cigars —, is the Fabrica de Tabacos Constantino Perez Carrodegua (Montecristo no 2, Partagas Grande, etc. Visits 9-11, 13h-15h, 2cuc, Spanish only spoken.)
Galeria de Arte on Maximo Gomez by the Parque Vidal (showings by famous artists, one of must-see galeries of Cuba)
Monumento a la Toma del Tren Blindado (5 mins. on foot from Parque Vidal : four train cars and the famous bulldozer)
Loma del Capiro (Capiro Hill for views of thae valley like the Che had in 58)
About 1,5 km from town centre, the vast museum plaza including Mausoleo de los Martires de la Revolucion as part of Plaza de la Revolucion which includes Memorial Ernesto Che (Cubano, Hermano, Ejemplo) Guevara a small museum (free entrance, no cameras) with well documented and presented artefacts of the barbudo.

Aldaba calle Luis Estévez # 61 e/ Independencia (El bulevar pedestrian street) y Martí - on the roof of casa particular Autentica Pergola. El Alba (pesos cubanos) : popular, al ways full, fish dishes; calle Pardo, corner Maceo La Concha on the way to Che Memorial, for pizza : Carretera corner Danielito El Dorado (cheap chicken, shows at night; right by : Pizzeria Pullman in pesos) El Bulevar (multiple choices, student hangout) Sabor Latino de Alfonso y Familia (10-12cuc, full meals : excellent)

Swimming pool at Villa La Granjita, on Carretera de Maleza, towards the airport 2,5km from center. 5cuc per person including a 3cuc drink. Havanautos 20-89-28, Medical 27-12-34, Transautos 20-58-95

Trains #3, #1, #7, #5, #9 leave Havana Central Estacion every 2nd or 3rd day — like 5 times a week — at 16H40, 18h20, 18h45, 20h30, 21h40 - arrive here 6 hours later [one stop in Matanzas]. Sked here.

A total of 14 Viazul busses per day stop in Santa Clara
La Habana - Santiago 3 x day via Santa Clara, Sancti Spiritus, Ciego de Avila, Camaguey, Las Tunas, Holguin, Bayamo — Ruta 24 Same for Ruta 16 (2 x day) and Ruta 26 (2 x day)

Mayelin Concepción Pérez, her office is located in town center on calle Colon 101 corner of Candelaria and you can talk to her by dialing (42) 20-1372 or her cell 53 53 39 54 She will book you anything anywhere in and around Santa Clara, the province or Cuba - even to some unheard of cayos south of the island. Her email is @

Museo de Artes Decorativos © sogestour
Parque Vidal, as seen from Museo de Artes Decorativos © sogestour } Facade of El Mejunje, where lads, trans & gents gather on Saturday nights © sogestour — see Evenings below.

Parque Vidal © Ellie Pritchard
The glorieta, smack in center of Cuba's most enjoyable city park,
Parque Vidal © castaneda, panoramio } On el bulevar, an old hotel used for no-cost public housing © sogestour

El Boulevard © sogestour
Holding Cuba's best-selling cigar,
Partagas Seria D No 4 which goes for 173CUC per box of 25, here is Marilín Morales Bauta, one of few women "cigar sommelier" in the country. She works in the Casa del Tabaco on calle Maceo 176 : a bar, café, smoke room and boutique facing the Fabrica de Tabacos the "visitable" cigar factory across the street © sogestour }• El Bulevar (pedestrian) shows off an unusual — for Cuba — variety of products © lezum, panoramio

Universidad Marta Abreu
Universidad Marta Abreu founded in 1952 : 27,000 students of Science, whether Human, Agricultural, Computer or otherwise taught by 1,100 teachers (more than 50% Masters or Doctors), 22 Faculties and muchos estudiantes from abroad. Site. © MissMass, } Dictator Batista's Tren blindado after Che and his men blew up the track on 28 Dec 1958 sealing the triumph of the Revolucion.

Que sean como  © sogestour
The pedestrian street,
El bulevar brings together the comercial and artisan, ancient and modern, peso or cuc © sogestour }• Que sean como el Che. Enlarge. © sogestour

Pelea de gallos •]• Tren Blindado
Pelea de Gallos translates to Cockfight as painted by Cuban artista Yakira Gonzalez }• Tren blindado attack by Che and his guerrilleros became legend when turned into a comic-book like album with collectible stamps. © sogestour

Plaza del Carmen where these sculptures intrigue pedestrians. Nearby casa owners Zaida, Olga and José Ramon offer good lodging © hommel flickr

Map - Architectural & Landscape Guide : 36 places
La casa de la ciudad esquina (corner) Independencia y Zayas at one end of Parque Vidal : Noches del Danzon (dance nights), pick up music bands, film museum, anything goes... Art meets with artists who meet with students from abroad who meet with travellers. Unique in Cuba, really. Teatro de la Caridad On July 15 2009 with the city's 320th anniversary, it has finally re-opened; dance, theater, ballet, opera, classical music, trovadores El Mejunje at 12, calle Marta Abreu, in ruins of Hotel Oriental was founded in 1984 by Ramón Silverio and it is a unique place in Cuba with its graffiti-covered facade, relaxed staff and atmosphere sometimes deep and delicious, sometimes wild and scrumptious. Mueve te at El Mejunje. Watch a 1-min. clip of a drag queen on youtube here. Weekly fare : Tuesdays, Rockoteca, rock concerts; Wednesdays, theatre; Thursdays, Trovuntivitis; Fridays, Good Luck; Saturday nights are for gays and transexuals; Sunday afternoons for children; evenings : music. La Marquesina (artist and intellectual hangout) Piano Bar El Dorado (piano and songs) El Carishow standup comic shows at 22h, then disco : 5cuc per couple.

Presa Hanabanilla Dam, 50k away. Its namesake lake is considered by some as "the most beautiful in the world" with a hotel on-the-lake boasting a swimming pool, rooms at 24-30cuc with views, cruises to a nearby waterfall. Bass fishing is equal to none. Lake photo here. The town of Remedios a nice 53 km ride north : two churches and a half-dozen museums, a casa de la Cultura, a lovely Teatro. See here The Cayeria Norte with some nice beaches spread all the way to Cayo Santa Maria : take the 2-cuc pedraplen (3 km passed Caibarien) and drive over Buena Vista bay and its Cayo Cobos, Cayo Las Brujas, Cayo Borracho, Cayo Ensenachos and the last and largest, Cayo Santa Maria (beaches, resorts and fauna and flora refuges) Maps here.

The very popular bus circuit which originated daily in Trinidad and went through Santa Clara at 10:15 am, then Camajuani, Remedios and Caibarien has been restaured by the Viazul management office, because houseowners and travellers complained so much when it was cancelled in October 2013. Now it goes on to cayos Las Brujas, Ensenachos and Santa Maria, off the coast at Caibarien. Sked here

In Steven Soderberg's Che El Argentino, a scene filmed on the streets of Santa Clara •]• Website graphics

Memorial Ernesto Che (Cubano, Hermano, Ejemplo) Guevara
About 1,5 km from town centre, the vast museum plaza including Mausoleo de los Martires de la Revolucion as part of Plaza de la Revolucion which includes Memorial Ernesto Che (Cubano, Hermano, Ejemplo) Guevara an air-conditioned museum (free entrance, no cameras allowed) with well documented and presented artefacts of Cuba's second most famous barbudo. Above, in March 2013, a group of blind people being led through the facilities © sogestour

On click, link with Cuban site detailing the Che's personal notes on the last days of his life.
On October 7 1967, he wrote « Today a new milestone is beginning. »

In October 2011, OR Books published Who Killed Che ?

• From Canada and the USA : 011 53 (add phone # preceded by 42 for Santa Clara) • From Europe, Great Britain, Scandinavia and Mexico : 00 53 (add phone # preceded by 42 for Santa Clara)••• HOW TO DIAL A CUBAN PHONE NUMBER HERE ••• CELL PHONE NUMBERS on our town lists and casa pages are preceded by 05 for calls originating Havana; from anywhere else in Cuba, dial 01 + the 8 digits of the cell.

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Two aircon bedrooms, ensuites, patio
Maestra Nicolasa (Candelaria) 56, e/Colon y Maceo, 200 meters from Parque Vidal. Tel. (42) 20-81-61

FLORIDA CENTER © sogestour

Two aircon bedrooms, ensuites, patio
E. Machado (San Cristobal) 7, e/Cuba y Colon, two blocks from Parque Vidal, one from Florida Center. Tel. (42) 29-41-08

Hostal Alba © sogestour

One aircon bedroom, ensuite, lovely patio
Rolando Pardo (Buen Viaje) 8, e/ Parque Vidal y Maceo, 20m from Parque Vidal Tel. (42) 21-74-63


Ground ac bedrooms, ensuites, roof paladar
Luis Estévez 61, e/ Independencia (pedestrian street) y Martí, steps from Parque Vidal. Tel. (42) 20-86-86

La Pergola

One indep ac br, ensuite, patio, use of kitchen
Maestra Nicolasa (Candelaria) 60, e/ Colón y Maceo, 200 meters from Parque Vidal. Tél. (42) 29 2578 cell 58 25 36 73

CANDELARIA One indep ac br, ensuite, patio, use of kitchen

One large bedroom with fan, ensuite bathroom
Calle Placido 54, e/ Independencia and Marti, only 20 m from pedestrian Independencia. Tel. (42) 22-56-86

LUCY y RAMSÉS One large bedroom with fan, ensuite bathroom

Two air-con bedrooms, each with ensuite
Evangelista Yanes (Padre Tuduri) 20, e/Maximo Gomez y Carolina Rodriguez facing the iglesia on Plaza del Carmen. Tel. (42) 21-17-11


One aircon bedroom, ensuite bathroom
Berenguer (San Mateo) 11, e/Maceo y Carolina Rodriguez, one block from Plaza del Carmen. Tel. (42) 29-48-44


One aircon bedroom, ensuite, patio
Maceo 102, e/ Gloria y Domingo Mujica, two blocks from Parque Vidal. Tel. (42) 20-70-54

HOSTAL EL PATIO © sogestour

1930's Colonial, three ac bedrooms, ensuites
Calle San Miguel 14, e/Cuba y Villuendas, 4 blocks from Parque Vidal. Tel (42) 20-36-59 Cel. 52 44 85 60

Casa de Pino



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Two aircon bedrooms, ensuite baths, wi-fi
Calle Lorda 61 apto 1 e/Independencia y Martí. In the town centre, one block from Parque Vidal. Tel. (42) 20-35-10 cell 52 83 47 21

Carlos Manuel Sarmiento © sogestour

Two air-con bedrooms, each with ensuite
Maestra Nicolasa (Candelaria) 116, entre J.B. Zayas y Aleman, three blocks from Parque Vidal. Tél. (42) 20-7655 cell 52 95 25 68

Two air-con bedrooms, each with ensuite
Independencia 265 (Este), Apto. 1 on ground floor, e/Union (Pedro Estévez) y San Isidro, four blocks from Parque Vidal. Tel. (42) 20-20-64 or 20-29-44

ConsueloRamos ©

One ac bedroom, independent floor w/kitchen
Calle Maximo Gomez 208, entre Berenguer (San Mateo) y Evangelista Yanes (Padre Tuduri) near Plaza del Carmen Tel. (42) 20-7239 cell 52 81 49 72

Hostal Jose Ramon © sogestour

Independent apart with one or two bedrooms
Calle J. B. Zayas No. 253-A, entre Berenguer (San Mateo) y Padre Tuduri (E. Yanes), couple o'blocks from Parque Vidal. Tel. (42) 20-40-76

ERNESTO Y EVA © sogestour

Two air-con bedrooms, each with ensuite
Calle E. Machado (San Cristobal) # 4, entre Colon y Cuba, about 100m from Parque Vidal. Tel. (42) 21-69-41


Two air-con bedrooms, each with ensuite
Calle Maestra Nicolasa (Candelaria) # 74, entre Colon y Maceo, some 200m from Parque Vidal. Tél. (42) 20-38-13

ISIDRO Y MARTA © sogestour

Two air-con bedrooms, each with ensuite
Calle Leoncio Vidal (Calle Gloria) 61, entre Union y Maceo Tél. (42) 20-64-56 cell 52 90 80 36


Aircon bedrooms, shared bath
Calle Cuba 227 (upstairs), entre Sindico y Pastora facing Parque Pastora. Tel. (42) 27-35-01

Modern two-bedroom apartment, ensuites
Calle Serafin Garcia (Nazareno) 74 e/ B. Martinez y Maceo, three blocks from Parque Pastora Tel. (42) 29-27-52 Cell 53 34 74 70

Independent one-bedroom apartment, ensuite
Calle Colón # 225 e/ Síndico y Nazareno (Serafin Garcia), two blocks from Parque Pastora. Tel. (42) 21-72-97 cell 52 47 47 82



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