Marilin Morales Bauta y su familia
Maestra Nicolasa (Candelaria) 116, entre J.B. Zayas y Aleman, three blocks from Parque Vidal. Tél. (42) 20-7655 cell 52 95 25 68

Try to reserve at least one month ahead; as for all casas on our lists, you must reconfirm by phone at least 24 hours before arrival. Otherwise, your reservation may be cancelled.
MARILIN & FAMILIA | | Santa Clara
Since Spring 2014, Marilin and family including her two adult sons rent two aircon bedrooms (with a double bed) with ensuite bathroom and tv, minibar and window by a lovely passageway entrance.

Meals are enjoyed in the large and enchanting patio in the back where guests will enjoy her (and her staff's) home cooking and her experience preparing intricate drinks or a simple cup of java as well as lessons on how to enjoy handmade cigars in her very own cigar bar.

A private roof terrace with lawn chairs and a welcome shower complete the amenities

Rates : 20-25cuc per night per bedroom; meals served
MARILIN & FAMILIA | | Santa Clara

The hostess worked for many years as one of the rare Cigar Sommeliers of Cuba at the local Casa del Habano until she opened a private cigar bar inside her own casa where you can learn and taste all Marilin knows about "tabacos".

MARILIN & FAMILIA | | Santa Clara
MARILIN & FAMILIA | | Santa Clara MARILIN & FAMILIA | | Santa Clara

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