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Gateway to the Sierra Maestra, this is the city where Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, el Padre de la Patria was born. Visitors can see a copy of El Cubano Libre, the first independent periodical published by Céspedes in its museum de la ciudad.

Visitors will make this a must-stay town and it can be reached directly from either
Las Tunas, Holguin, Manzanillo or Santiago by car, train or bus, Gus.

Reasons to like this city :
calmness, history, liberation and patriotism. Carlos Manuel de Céspedes was a native and the first to liberate the slaves from his own plantation. The deed was recognized by the Spanish crown and became known as La Demajagua. In February 1869, Bayamo's citizens preferred burning down their town than give in to the Spanish colonial army (ejército colonial español).

Other local firsts : first slave revolt in 1533, first playing of the national anthem, first city hall, first revolution against the Spanish colony.

Aboard a boat named Granma, Che Guevara, Fidel and Raul Castro and 80 other compañeros landed from Mexico at the point 133 km southwest in Las Coloradas on December 2, 1956 and were promptly decimated by the army. Only 12 survivors — joined by daughter of Niquero doctor Celia Sanchez — hid in the Sierra Maestra mountains. They fought Batista during two years, with the help of the local campesinos and later, students and intellectuals. After the Revolucion was won on December 31, 1958, the province adopted the name of the boat. Map of Granma here.

The town is a chess players dream. Fiesta De La Cubania breaks out every week along calle Saco and as with most Cuban festivals, you can count on lots of dancing, music, and a pig roast. At this celebration, an added component exists : chess boards sit on makeshift tables lining the street.

Baire, 46
Baracoa, 296 via Mayari
Bartolomé Maso, 60
Buey Arriba, 39
Camaguey, 208
Cauto Cristo, 28
Charco Redondo, 30
Dos Rios, 52
Gibara, 107
Guardalavaca, 186
Guisa, 26
Holguin, 85
Jiguaní, 26
La Demajagua, 81
La Habana, 757
Las Coloradas, 133
Las Tunas, 81
Maffo, 55
Manzanillo, 60
Media Luna, 110
Niquero, 133
Palma Soriano, 83
Parque Turquino, 86
Pilon, 148
Rio Cauto, 46
Santiago de Cuba, 130
Santo Domingo, 81 via Yara
Yara, 47

A few notes and suggestions about the Sierra Maestra
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POPULATION 226,313 (2007)

Primer Ayuntamiento Libre de Cuba, where Céspedes signed into law the Decree stipulating the abolition of slavery. Today it's the site of Poder Popular Municipal (town hall). 
Museo Casa Natal de Carlos Manuel de Céspedes.
Casa natal de Francisco Vicente Aguilera
, today site of Biblioteca 1868.
Casa natal de Donato Mármol Tamayo, today site of Casa de Cultura 20 de octubre.
Casa natal de Esteban Tamayo Tamayo, today site of Casa de la Nacionalidad Cubana.
Casa natal de Pedro Figueredo Cisneros (Perucho), today site of Oficina de Correo.
Casa natal de Manuel Muñoz Cedeño, today site of Museo Provincial de Bayamo.
Casa natal de José María Izaguirre, today site of Bodega de productos alimenticios.
Casa natal de Diego José Baptista, Padre Batista.
Today site of Registro Civil.
Casa natal de José Joaquín Palma,
today site of a private casa.
Plaza de la Revolución de Bayamo,
where was signed the Capitulación of Bayamo.
Casa natal de Juan Clemente Zenea,
today site of Unidad de Propaganda.
where lived José Manuel Capote Sosa, today site of Centro Provincial de Patrimonio.
where lived Luz Vázquez y Moreno.
where lived Tomás Estrada Palma, today site of UNEAC.
where lived Céspedes and where was born his son Amado Oscar, today site of UPEC de Granma.
where lived Céspedes, today site of Escuela Especial "Francisco Maceo Osorio"
Plaza del Himno,
where was sung for the first time Himno Nacional.
Iglesia San Salvador de Bayamo,
today site of Catedral de Bayamo.
Alcaldía de Bayamo,
where the famous fire started in 1869. Today site of Restaurante Senado.
Ventana de Luz Vázquez,
where was sung for the first time La Bayamesa.
El Retablo de los Héroes,
where is paid homage to thefighters of the Guerra de los Diez Años.
Mausoleo de José Joaquín Palma.
Convento de San Francisco,
today site of Escuela Primaria Manuel Ascunce Doménech.
Convento de Santo Domingo,
today site of Escuela Primaria José Antonio Saco.
Hospital San Roque, first hospital of the city,
today site of Policlínico Bayamo.
Old tower of the church Iglesia San Juan Evagelista, known for its monument and the site of the remains of Francisco Vicente Aguilera.
Barranca La Lizana.
Barranca La Mendoza.
Barranca La Luz.
Casa de la Nacionalidad Cubana,
Museo Ñico Lopez (he introduced the Che to Fidel)
Parque Granma,
Plaza de la Patria, in town

Polinesio, Sagitario (Donato Marmol 107, open Noon to Midnight Tel. 42-24-49)

La Sevillana (new always full, hyper aircon, best peso cubano place in Oriente ?) even with a bit of snobery, La Bodega (Plaza del Himno, supere terrace), La Casona (in pesos cubanos, crowded), Restauran Vegetariano on Gral Garcia, La Presa on Amado Estévez (lobster and shrimp for a handful of pesos), Bayamesa (low-budget), Dona Nelly (pizza, spaghetti), Hotel Royalton (best terrace in the province), 1513, El Manegua, La Bodega, La Casona El Renacer on Gral Garcia, El Senado on C. Figueredo, El Victoria on Gral Garcia, España on Paseo Bayamez, El Manegua on Figueredo.

Internet service daily 8h30-19h30 at the
Telepunto (General García No. 109 e/ Saco y Figueredo)
Railway station 42-49-55 ; Havanautos 42-26-75 ; Cubana 42-45-01, 42-39-16 ; Cubataxi 42-43-13 ; , Radio Bayamo CMKX 1150 AM. Should all casas be full, Hotel Royalton on the main square is your best bet for reasonable accomodations with nice terrace and restaurant. (23) 42-22-24

Cabaret Bayamo, Cabaret ARTEX, Casa Atocha, Casa de la Trova (Maceo 111), Ciné Cespedes, Discoteca Bayamesa, UNEAC, La Bodega (Plaza del Himno); on Saturday nights : Sabado de la Cubana in the town's main park

Bus Viazul La Habana (2xweek 44), Santiago (2xweek 7) Trains (42-49-55) - Camaguey (Daily) 7, La Habana (1 day/2 26), Manzanillo (every 2nd day 2), Santiago (1xday/2 4) Airport 42-36-95

Viazul busses go through Bayamo 6 times per day
Viazul busses go through Bayamo
6 times per day, going to or back from La Habana, Varadero, Trinidad and Santiago


Morning train in Bayamo © robin thom photography
Living room of casa particular Ana Marti Vazquez
A river runs through it. Rio Yara runs through the vast Parque Sierra Maestra © agripp

Parque Cespedes (Parque de la Independencia) in town center
Parque Cespedes (Parque de la Independencia) in town center, another lovely parque publico © eyanex panoramio

Located by charming Hotel Royalton opening onto the great public park
Located by charming Hotel Royalton opening onto the great public park, the Plaza del Himno and the Catedral de San Salvador

Along the streets bordering the Parque de la Revolucion , walkers will find La Bayamesa
Along the streets bordering the Parque de la Revolucion, walkers will find La Bayamesa, the town's Cultura center, the La Creacion building, the El Pedrito bar, the Public Library, a fast food place, El Rapido, ice cream parlour Heladeria Boulevard and the Royalton Hotel

Las Minas, a superb spot near Charco Redondo,
Las Minas, a superb spot near Charco Redondo, 30 km south east of here. Click for full album @ robin thom

La Comandancia of Fidel during the guerilla years can be found and visited in the Sierra Maestra
La Comandancia of Fidel during the guerilla years can be found and visited in the Sierra Maestra, about 75 km south west of here © sogestour |On click, description of a typical 3-day mountain trek in the famous mountains

A few notes and suggestions about the Sierra Maestra

"Bayamo - Typical country market" — in the 1920's, prolly © unk

homage to Rosa Castellanos (nurse, organiser of field hospitals during the 10-year war 1868-1878)
The only sculpture of a woman on a horse in Cuba, this is the homage to
Rosa Castellanos (nurse, organiser of field hospitals during the 10-year war 1868-1878), a lifesize monument in Parque Bayamo © unk


Casa de los Pioneros (pre-school kids in Cuba are named pioneers) opens on our favorite city park © sogestour

In nearby La Demajagua (a few k's past Manzanillo), the gears of history are forever soldered onto the land : the site of the first slave liberation by Cespedes and the most enchanting, calm and historic place on the island © triom

The Conectando Cuba daily bus leaves most Habana hotels from 7 to 7:40 am, arrives at 14h55 at Hotel Ciego de Avila (27€/$US, 424km) near which it then stops for lunch (included in fare) at Parador Rio Azul, then arrives at 16h55 at Hotel Camaguey (33€/US$, 545km) and gets to Holguin (85 km from Bayamo) at Hotel Pernik at 19:55 hrs, 739km later for 44€/US$. Then leaves for Hotel Melia in Santiago de Cuba where it arrives at 21h55 (51€/US$, 881km). Click for PDF. Return trip leaves Santiago daily at 0700, leaves Holguin at 9h00, Camaguey at Noon, stops for lunch at Parador Oasis (468km from Havana), leaves Ciego at 14h55 and gets to Miramar, Vedado and Vieja hotels between 20h55 and 21h35.
Aboard a boat named Granma, Che Guevara, Fidel and Raul Castro and 80 other compañeros landed from Mexico at the point in Las Coloradas on December 2, 1956 and were promptly decimated by the army.

Only 12 survivors — joined by daughter of Niquero doctor Celia Sanchez — hid in the Sierra Maestra mountains. They fought Batista during two years, with the help of the local campesinos and later, students and intellectuals. After the Revolucion was won on December 31, 1958, the province adopted the name of the boat. Map of Granma province here. Visit Museo Celia Sanchez in Media Luna 110 km southwest of here.
Rio Yara Vilma, Fidel, Raul, Celia Capilla de Nuestra Señora de los Dolores Entrée du parc
Jardín Botánico Copayniucú 15 km going to Santiago : 104 hectares including 72 types of palm trees and medicinal plants, 1-2cuc pp Site of Granma landing and mini-museum at Las Coloradas Bartolomé Maso for the view of the valley from Hotel Villa Balcon de la Sierra's (tel. (23) 59-5180) swimming pool, a must stopover. Double rooms for 40€/$US Santo Domingo for a stay in its cabinas in the Villa Islazul Santo Domingo, tel (23) 59-5302 (double rooms for 25-30€/$US) by the river before heading up to Sierra Maestra : trekking to La Comandancia in Parque Turquino Media Luna for birthplace and museum of Celia Sanchez, muse and companion of Fidel until her death in 1980 Site marking the spot where (in 1895) died José Marti on the shore of the river Contramaestra : turn right after the Dos Rios bridge, anout 22 km northeast of Jiguani The full green site of Loma del Yarey, 35 km southwest of Bayamo — direction Santiago — passing through and 6 km east of Jiguani. : nature, natural pool, stupendous views and nature lodging at Villa el Yarey, 16 bedrooms Phone (23) 42-7684 - Regional map here.

The site of Granma (the boat) landing on December 2, 1956
The site of Granma (the boat) landing on December 2, 1956 with Fidel and his 80 companions packed onboard is on the coast at Las Coloradas 86 km south of Manzanillo. The Parque nacional Desembarco del Granma, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with marine terraces, spectacular cliffs from Cabo (Cape) Cruz as well as caves and unique flora spreads over 27,545 hectares. Some full-day excursions are available from local tour agencies or from Royalton Hotel for 45€/$US pp.
::: Since January 2021, the CUC (Cuban Convertible) currency no longer is valid; all tourist services are payable only in foreign currency, cash or credit card. ::: Bring cash Euros or US dollar$, etc because Cuban banks and Foreign Exchange Bureaus (CADECA) will only exchange your currency (CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, JPY, MXN, USD) for the local currency - the CUP (US$1 = 24 CUP) which might be useful for local stuff; get other details here. ::: Make sure that in your first email or phone call you specify that you want to book a room in that particular casa and that you will reconfirm your booking on arrival in Cuba::: So as to not abandon expecting owners with empty rooms, reconfirm (or call ahead to cancel) your booking by phone as soon as you can after arriving in Cuba ::: Please write or phone a casa owner to cancel a booking. As late as it may seem, it allows them a chance to rebook. ::: Children under the age of 16 may share a bedroom with adults for free. Specify the child's age when booking. ::: At the end of the casa name, the V signals the casa was suggested by travelers or owners but not verified by us in person. If you try it and like it, write us about it. ::: Unless otherwise mentioned, the average room rates and service prices are : 25-30
€/US$ per bedroom per night [up to 40€/US$+ for 4 in a room]; breakfasts 3-5€/US$, dinners 8-15€/US$. ::: Any casa particular anywhere in Cuba must have a hot water shower, otherwise it cannot have a permit to rent ::: Please share your Complaints, comments & suggestions webmaster [@]cubacasas.net

From anywhere in the world using the free whatsapp app on a cell phone connected to wifi; list the casa name and its cell number in your contacts; then go to whatsapp and add the contact and call. From anywhere else in Cuba, dial the 8 digits of the cell. Avoid roaming : get a Cuban Sim card ready on arrival. Google translate here.

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Two ac bedrooms, ensuites, best location
Cespedes 4, e/ Canducha y Plaza del Himno, steps from Parque Cespédes or Independencia. Tel. (23) 42-5323 cel. 58 70 05 39

Upstairs, one ac bedroom, ensuite, balcony, patio
Maximo Gomez No. 56, e/ Saco y Leon, overlooking Bayamo river, steps from Plaza del Himno. Tel. (23) 42-5671 cel. 58 15 10 95

Three aircon bedrooms, ensuite bathrooms
Amado Estevez 67 Altos, entre 8 y 9, reparto Jesus Menendez, 150 m from Casa de la Musica + Patio de Artex. Tel. (23) 42-9127 cel. 52 71 90 85


Casa and patio, aircon bedroom, ensuite bath
Donato Marmol 323, e/ Figueredo y Lora, right in center near Plaza del Himno Tel. (23) 42-31-75


One aircon bedroom, whole floor, terrace
Parada 16 (upstairs), e/ Marti y Marmol, overlooking Parque Maceo Osorio and the offices Cubana airlines. Tel. (23) 42-38-59


Two ac br's, ensuites, roof restaurant, views
Ave. Fco Vicente Aguilera # 13, e/ Donato Marmol y Jose Joaquin Palma, 30 m from Plaza de la Revolucion. Tel. (23) 42-3270

Two ac br's, ensuites, patio
José A Saco 275, e/ Pio Rosado y Capotico (M E Capote), 4 blocks from Plaza de la Revolucion (Cespedes). Tel. (23) 42-6216

CASA BRETONES  (Jose Luis y Amarylis) 
Two aircon bedrooms, ensuite bathrooms
Francisco Vicente Aguilera 240, e/ Mártires y ave. Milanes, 5 mins. walk to centro. Tel. (23) 42-48-61

Upstairs and ground, two ac br's, balcony
José Marti 313, e/ Maso y Manuel del Socorro, 50 m from Parque Independencia. Tel. (23) 42-6811 cel 55 34 73 59 

Upstairs, two ac bedrooms, terrace, patio
Maximo Gomez 56, e/ Saco y Leon, steps from Plaza del Himno. Tel. (23) 42-2722 cel 58 01 34 66 PF

VILLA BARCELO on booking.com
One ac bedroom, balcony
Donato Marmol 154 e/ Parada y Maceo, Tel. (23) 41-1288


TA 201118
Three ac bedrooms, terrace, balcony
Coronel Estrada #76 and 78, e/ Capote y Juan Rodriquez Tel.


TA 201118
One ac bedroom
Parada 16, (rdc de Hostal Bayamo), e/ Marti y Marmol au Parque Maceo Osorio, one block from Parque central. Tel. (23) 42-3859

OLGA y JOSÉ on bbinn
TA 201118
One ac bedroom, balcony
Joaquin Estrada 32, e/ William Soler y Avenida Milanes Cel. 52 77 34 59

TA LP 201118

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