Lydia J. Alvarado Santana
Manuel Ríos de la Guardia
Donato Marmol 323, e/Figueredo y Lora in town center near Plaza del Himno Tel. (23) 42-31-75

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Colonial house located in a quiet street just steps from the center.

It's actually two casas joined together, one inhabited by the retired couple, the other fully rented to customers : a bedroom with air conditioning, lounge, patio.

Guests can prepare everything themselves or let Lydia and Manuel arrange for service; private entrance, private bathroom, hot and cold water, refrigerator, kitchen, spacious terrace. / Bayamo / Lydia y Rios / Bayamo / Lydia y Rios / Bayamo / Lydia y Rios

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Updated 10.02.2018