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Dayami Rodriguez Diaz y Eddy Sanchez
Located on the so-called "Final" road which starts at the entronque (junction); local playa is one-minute walk away.
Tel. (45) 98-7145 Dayami's cell 52 94 10 58

Dayami is a Marine Biologist who extended her studies in Law. She lives on the ground floor with her teenage son and her Veterinarian husband, Eddy and has been renting for nearly a decade.

The couple rents upstairs two large air-conditioned bedrooms, each an ensuite bathroom and a fan and two double beds.

Facing each bedroom, a reading and dining table where guests may enjoy meals brought from the kitchen below; further up, a terrace with chairs and a swing partially shaded to read or for nice views of the neighbouring casas on the bay as well as views of the surroundings of the bay.

The couple offers the services of a marine biologist friend who is also a diver and can bring underwater aficionados to some great spots on (under ; ) the bay of Pigs.

Rates : 25cuc for each bedroom per night; dinners 10cuc, breakfasts 4cuc

"Hi there, We were in Playa Larga in March 2011. We stayed at Dayami´s casa for some days. It was my birthday. She and her friend gave me some gifts and they played "Yolanda" at the local radio station. I had never heard that song before, thank you. We had a lot of fun and good food and a beautiful room. Dayami is very helpful and friendly. If you go to Playa Larga, STAY THERE !!! Thank you Dayami. " Gerhard Meixner, Forchheim, Alemania 08.09.11

DIRECTIONS : From Jaguey Grande and the entronque [fork] with the trans-island highway : a long straight road down to a fork where you veer right to tiny Caleton town : the other way is straight down to Hotel Horizontes and its tiny beach and 32 km further, Playa Giron.

Logo Cienaga de Zapata

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