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Josefa Pita Cobas
Located on the small bay in Caleton, overlooking the fishermen's bay where the rio Hatiguanico meets the bay of Pigs. Tel. (45) 98-7133 Nearby casas include del Buzo, Ernesto y Yodainis, Edenis y Heriberto, Villa Rio-Mar

nauta.cu addresses allow email reception on cell phones. This is her son's, Osnedy
Casa Fefa © sogestour
Josefa still lives here while her son Osnedy moved with spouse Leticia a few steps away where they rent — Casa del Buzo.
Fefa rents (since 2003) one aircon bedroom with a private bathroom and a sunny terraza overlooking the bay of the fishermen where it meets the bay of Pigs : a rare view only a few travellers can enjoy.

Son Osnedy will provide any service desired, such as scuba diving - for which he keeps equipment in his casa.Excellent and copious cuisine.

This place is an exceptional choice as it allows guests to enjoy one and only bedroom and the terraza and hospitality all to themselves. Suggestion : Go through son Osnedi's email to ensure booking here (link on @ above).

Rates : 20-25cuc for bedroom per night
Casa Fefa © sogestour
The fishermens bay in Caleton © sogestour

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