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Bertha (Berti) Boicet Brooks
Calle Cristo 12 e/Teniente Rey (Brasil) y Muralla, steps from Plaza del Cristo. Neighbouring three casas : Juanita, Casa Saul and Casa Colonial (Belkis y Jeivier). Zone 5 Cell 52 41 59 03 Casa (7) 866-2413

Raquel now rents from this page.

Calle Cristo is narrow and charming,
stretches over only one block
between Muralla and Plaza del Cristo del Buen Viaje
and numbers one only shop : a pasteleria.

In this " casa "

on quiet calle Cristo,

Bertha/Betty/Berti - who now runs the casa, replacing Raquel since early 2015 - offers a choice of

two air-conditioned bedrooms

each with ensuite bathroom,

along a nice light well,

as well as

a lovingly-decorated and large living room

an adjoining dining room with all the trimmings

with musica, televisor and exerciser.

Rates : 35cuc per bedroom per night

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Updated 27.04.2018