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The quiet town of Amancio, is located 42 km south of Guaimaro in the province of Las Tunas on the way to the south coast and its seaport, Puerto Guayabal (photos below).

After the arrival of the United States as a colonial power, the sugar cane fields located in what was named Hato Viejo were sold in 1890 by Salvador Cisnero Betancourt to an Asturian family from Spain named
Rionda y Polledo. These settlers started harvesting in 1902 with a first production of 67,620 sacks of 325 pounds (libras) each.

In 1930, workers organized when Arsenio Yero Alvarez founded the first communist cell. In 1949, Amancio Rodriguez, secretary general of the
Sindicato Azucarero was assassinated along with colleague Jose Oviedo Chacon because of their efforts to demand better working conditions at the Central Francisco Sugar Company.

Once a meeting point of Camilo Cienfuegos and Che Guevara during their battle to liberate the island, t
he town used to be named San Diego de Buena Ventura.

Still a site of a huge (15,000 hectares) sugar mill installation, its local economy still depends on installations
established in 1902 which produce alcohol, rhum (Conde de Cuba, Corsario and Sevilla brands), sugar, bagasse, honey, molasses and other sweet and addictive stuff.

The town thrives culturally — built as it were on old campesino legends, serenades, the trios and quartets, the bembé (religious happening of African origin), music of the organs of the east, culinary art, vegetarian habits, all the way to present-day carnavals summing up a lovely mixture of idiosyncrasies.

A song by Benny Moré is famous here if only because of its title : "Francisco-Guayabal", refering to the train route from the Francisco sugar mill to the port of Guayabal.

Cayo Romero, 107
Cayo Sabinal, 124
Camaguey, 122
Colombia, 30
Florida, 1162
Gibara, 203
Guaimaro, 42
Guayabal on sea, 12
Holguin, 170
Jobabo, 31
La Habana, 650
Las Tunas, 90
Marti, 57
Nuevitas, 94
Playa Santa Lucia, 132
Puerto Guayabal, 19
Puerto Padre, 142
Santiago de Cuba, 295
Santa Cruz del Sur, 57


One of locally-distilled rhums

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POPULATION 47,333 in regional municipality, of which 41,000 in Guaimaro, the town (2007)

The large central park, town museum and other cultural venues listed below Festival de la Juventud y los Estudiantes Encuentro Debate Municipal del Taller Literario Mirtha Aguirre Libreria Municipal Pedro Plaza, Calle C, S/N, reparto El Batey Tel. (31) 69-2196 Biblioteca Pedro Plaza, Calle , No 14, entre Avenida primera y calle segunda El Batey Tel. (31) 69-3270

Casa de Cultura Sergio Reinó Calle A, No 5, e/ Avenida Libertad y Primera, reparto El Batey Tel. (31) 69-3257 Casa de la Musica Benny Moré has many projects Antares, created to promote music from the 60's; ave 3ra entre A y B, reparto El Batey Tel. (31) 69-3290 Casa del Escritor Nicolás Guillen, Calle A, S/N (Sin Numero, no street number), reparto El Batey Ciné Yaquimo, Calle C, No 12, e/ ave 1ra (primera) y calle 2da (secunda), reparto El Batey Tel. (31) 69-2125 Galería de Arte Carlos Enrique, Calle A, S/N, reparto El Batey Museo Municipal Amancio Rodríguez Herrero, Calle A, No 13, reparto El Batey Tel. (31) 69-2697

On the south coast, at some 12 km, the seaside town of Puerto Guayabal has a huge seaport and a beach as well as a campismo (beach chalets) named Playa Guayabal, reserved for Cubans.

The port town also boasts
SolyArte a community involvement project which aims to keep alive the traditions of the sea farers.

Cayo Rabihorcado, yet to be developed for tourism was "found" in 2014 by miradasencuba here. Map of the Guacanayabo Gulf off the Guayabal shore, is right here.
Parque de Amancio © Eyanex, panoramio
Public space in memory of Amancio Rodriguez © tank6b,

Asemblea Constituyante © Lizopedia flickr
Casa de la Cultura is located Calle A, No 5, entre Avenida Libertad y Primera in reparto El Batey © sundero Panoramio

Campismo à Guayabal © Sundero, panoramio
Campismo on the coast, 12 km south is not open to tourists (so they say, but give it a try), only Cuban workers and is named Playa Guayabal © Sundero, panoramio

Asemblea Constituyante © Lizopedia flickr
Casa de la Musica, ave 3ra entre A y B El Batey © sundero Panoramio


Villa Consuelo © tank6b (Jose Enrique Gonzalez Modecir) on


Arboles y Hombre © tank6b (Jose Enrique Gonzalez Modecir) on


The old sugar mill casa now belongs to the people for the people © oquendo mora

Puerto Guayabal 18 km south, has a huge seaport and a beach as well as a campismo.
Puerto Guayabal, the seaport, 18km south •|• Swimming in Guayabal
The dock on the water at Puerto Guayabal, 18 km south.
El Museo municipal de Amancio presenta Fotograma de Nuestra Historia
Photo archives of the local museum.
calle D is ready for annual carnaval; workers' quarters; in Puerto Guayabal,
unloading sugar from Macareño mill; Amancio Rodriguez Herrero and colleague Jose Oviedo Chacon, both murdered in 1949, victims of anti-union management of the town's Francisco mill;
house of sugar mill administrator masses on main street during San Francisco carnaval.
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Four ac bedrooms, ensuite bathrooms
Avenida Sergio Reynó # 177b, in centre of town in reparto La Carretera. Tél. (31) 69-3641

Meals can be served for affordable prices.

Rates : 20€/$US per night per bedroom

Link to Air BandB page

Calle 26 de Julio, # 13, between Rodolfo Ramírez and Antonio Maceo in centre of town in reparto La Carretera. Tel. (31) 98-0106

On the upper storey of this home, two bedrooms which are air-conditioned and boast ensuite baths; parking available. Meals can be served for affordable prices.

Rates : 20€/$US per night per bedroom

DAYRON SL • •|• Amancio

Calle Barrio de Oro # 37, near the baseball stadium in reparto El Batey. Cel 52 24 86 99

" Until Agustina started renting in 2007, most tourists coming here had to overnight in Guaimaro. Up for rent is one aircon bedroom with private bathroom outside the room. Very clean amenities.

" Possibility of car parking. Located near the center of this charming little town; from main road, take the calle facing the estadio. Agustina's daughter Arisbel was on hand to greet us.

Rates : 20€/$US for bedroom per night.

Suggested by Claude Boisjoly 04.09.07

One of many bucolic streets : this is calle A © oquendo mora

Four ac bedrooms, ensuite bathrooms
At entrance of village in reparto. Tel. (31) 69-3817

Very-well, totally modernized and luxuriously redecorated casa with ac bedrooms and modern bath/showers. (Call casa direct if you don't want to pay two commissions, ie, airbandb and a Cuban agent...)

Rates : 20€/$US per night per bedroom

Ale & Lia • •|• Amancio

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