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Casilda the nearby sea port
7 km south

4 km south
MANACA IZNAGA in the valley of LOS INGENIOS (Sugar Mills), 10 km north

4 km south, LA BOCA and its CASAS on the coast, its mini beach by the river Guaurabo with fishing boats — about 8 km east of ANCON and its all-inclusive resorts
7 km south, CASILDA
its CASAS, the port protected by the peninsula, 2 km
from a beach at Maria Aguilar — and 2,4 km from ANCON and its nice long beach
Topes de Collantes 18 km north — in the Escambray range : Caves, rivers, falls, grottos, canyons, natural pools with crystal clear water. Treks, horseback, nature loving, canyoning, bird watching.

Casilda, 5
Camaguey, 252
Ciego de Avila, 143
Cienfuegos, 80
Hanabanilla, (lac, hôtel), 98
Holguin, 476
La Habana, 319
La Boca, 6
Manicaragua, 62
Pinar del Rio, 477
Remedios, 115
Santa Clara, 118
Santiago de Cuba, 590
Sancti Spiritus, 71
Soroa, 398
Topes de Collantes, 21
Valle de Los Ingenios, 16
Varadero, 267


dia Marti 27 January 2009
Celebrating Jose Marti, January 28
prov carte sancti
Map - Road from Cienfuegos, Topes de Collantes
Map - Architectural & Landscape Guide : 16 places
Locate Trinidad on World Index
Regional tourist Map
Town Map
Town map with some casas
4x4 ride : Guinia, Fomento, El Guineo, Cabaiguan, SS
Cultural Map - Centre of town
Weather 5-day forecast (Wunderground)
Topes de Collantes - Our photo gallery
Valle de Los Ingenios - Our photo gallery
Photos by local photographer Julio Muñoz
All that's natural in Sancti Spiritus province
Who's playing at Casa de la Musica — Egrem
Daily currency exchange rates here.
Viazul bus-route to/from La Habana
Viazul bus-route to/from Oriente (the East)
Rising and downward tides - Casilda, the port
Island-wide bus connections (horariodebuses.com/cu)

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Artist and painter Yudit Vidal has held exhibitions in Holland, New York, Madrid, Paris, Quito, Havana Bienal and in Luxembourg. She exposes her works in her own showroom workshop Pincelada Colonial on calle Simon Bolivar (Desengano) 264 near the famous Sol y Son restaurant, two blocks from the historic quarter, the casco historico; link to her web site on click.


Ancon on peninsula of same name, down the road, about 9km from center of Trinidad; Aguilar thru La Boca, (7km), tiny local La Boca beach (4km) in town of same name.

:: Latest and best is the new Sol Ananda right on Plaza Mayor; run by Sol y Son's owner Lazaro : fabulous decor and gustative fare presented in notable fashion :: La Estela on Simon Bolivar past the church on Plaza Mayor. Boasts good reputation for its typically-Cuban comidas criollas :: San Jose, calle Maceo 382E in the casa particular of Jose Ricardo Valladares : great bbq fare, live music; meal for two including a bottle of vino for 25cuc tel. (41) 99-47-02 :: Some will prefer the Sol y Son for its setting in a stunning colonial decor with a lovely patio Others : Colonial, Daniel, Don Antonio, El Jigue, La Coruña, Plaza Mayor. The two busiest during the day are El Meson del Regidor on Plaza Mayor and La Cachancharra, these last two fill up every day from 11h to 15h00 with busloads of tourists from La Habana.

:: La Redaccion, Gutierrez 463 :: San Jose, Maceo 382E tel. (41) 99-47-02 :: Café Don Pepe Piro Guinart :: El Dorado. Piro Guinart 226 :: Taberna La Botija Amargura 71-B

:: Convento San Francisco de Asís or Museo de Lucha contra los Bandidos — its tower is symbol of the town,
:: Iglesia Santísima Trinidad, superbly restaured
:: Museo Arquitectura Colonial
:: Museo Romántico (Palacio Brunet),
:: Palacio Cantero, (Museo de Historia)

Extra Alta Season*
30-35 cuc + — for bedroom
* Dec. 15 - 31 + July 15 - August 15
High (Alta) Season*
25-30 cuc — for bedroom
* Nov. 15 - April 15 + June 17 - Sept. 30
Low (Baja) Season*
15-20 cuc — for bedroom
* April 17 - June 16 + Oct 1 - Dec. 15
Above rates are for each bedroom with two adults or more sharing per night. Children 16 and under may share parents' bedroom at no charge only if there is an additional bed available; there usually is. Mention the age of your children when making the reservation.
3-5 cuc per person
8-12 cuc and more per person
No sense asking if a casa has hot water for showering : owners cannot rent if the casa does not provide it. Comments - discretion assured webmaster @cubacasas.net

:: Busses Astro & Viazul (41) 99-44-48,
:: Café Internet Las Begonias corner Maceo y Rosario. 2cuc = 10 mins. 8h-20h
:: Horseback : beware of street offers; most local horses are badly treated; local casa owner Julio Muñoz is trying to improve situation; link here
:: Servi Cupet 24 hr food and gas (41) 99-64-28
:: Sala Internet Etecsa, Parque Central, 7h-18h. Access by coded card sold in office : 1cuc = 60 mins., remainder can be used elsewhere on the island. etecsa.cu

The very popular Circuito Norte bus circuit leaving daily from here at 07:30 through Cienfuegos, Santa Clara, Camajuani, Remedios and Caibarien runs daily to cayos Las Brujas, Ensenachos and all the way to Santa Maria on the Cayeria del Norte, about 185km north of Trinidad. Sked here


:: Seen at local art gallery El Caguan, this watercolor of a torcedor, the man or woman in charge of actually rolling the cigar — called a tabaco in Cuba. Photo © sogestour Read Cigar Aficionado's "A Day at the La Corona Factory" Dec 2012 Issue here


We took this picture
some 20 years ago, in front of the Cubatur office. What happened to this lovely bunch of youngsters and what kind of life have they had ? Even their teacher and passersby seem ecstatic at this Carpe Diem, no ? © sogestour

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Architecture & Map Guide of City Centre : 16 places

Cascada de Ricio, mountains of the escambray © Guillaume Thomassin, chuchi.zoy.org •]• Calle Simon Bolivar leading to the Plaza Major © Guillaume Thomassin, chuchi.zoy.org
Calle Simon Bolivar leading to the Plaza Major © Guillaume Thomassin, chuchi.zoy.org |• In the mountains of the Escambray : Cascada de Rocio © Guillaume Thomassin, chuchi.zoy.org
Our photos : click on any .
:: Take a walk on the nice side : discover Trinidad's surrounding nature (free of noise, pollution and hustlers) on foot with Señora Maypu Calzada Simó who lives at #1 on calle Esperanza, off-center; call her on her new (Sept. 2011) cell 53 41 91 02 so she can meet you for a half-day (2-5 hour) walk in the valley; speaks a bit of English; some pix here

:: Best Mountain Hiking Trail Sendero 'Centinelas del Río Melodioso hike in Topes de Collantes from Lonely Planet It'a a 5km return walk in the woods - in the Parque Guanayara, situated 15 km from the reception area, along a series of rough and heavily rutted tracks. Best organized with a guide or as part of an organized tour from Trinidad with Cubatur (CUC$43 with lunch). More here

Tour de Pedrero (our own creation, so don't go ask for it. Tell your chauffeur or DIY

:: 4x4 ride from sunrise to sunset - we named it Tour de Pedrero — our own creation, so don't go ask for it. Tell your chauffeur or DIY : Drive your rented car to Manaca Iznaga near Condado, go passed the famous tower some 42 km to lovely Guinia de Miranda (fabulous mountain roads) then another 20k to Fomento; south 15k to El Guineo, the most unknown memorial to Che Guevara on this planet; then the "fun" part : 20k of bad road & stupendous scenery to Cabaiguan. Finally, some 69 km of "normal" roads downhill facing the setting sun to Trinidad via Sancti Spiritus and Banao : use this map

:: El Cubano is the meeting point for a walk to its waterfall; a ride down the Guaurabo river, the Canopi 10 cuc rope ride and other nice stuff 
:: Cayo Blanco, catamaran ride for scuba, playa, lunch, cocktail : 27cuc + 30cuc diving with air bottle. 41-99-62-05
:: Playa Ancón : At the eastern end, three all-inclusives. Only paying guests can get in but the beaches are public. Up from these, on Playa Aguilar, the Grill Caribe (beach, parasols, lobster at 28cuc : no thanks !). Right by that, a shaded beach spot with a parking attendant.
:: Salto Cuba : see the waterfall on horseback, 10cuc Photos of Parque El Cubano here
:: Topes de Collantes in the mountains of the Escambray : trekking to the (salto) Caburni, horseback, swimming in fresh-water lagunas. Photos of the 8 areas of Topes here.
:: Valle de Los Ingenios (San Luis) by motorized train or by steam train. Our page here.

Cascada Escondida © canyoning-quebec.com

Plaza Mayor and Palmas © Wolfgang Glebe, treakearth.com |• Cascada escondida, a Topes de Collantes waterfall discovered in 2004 © canyoning-quebec.com

:: Solution to traditional car rental — Our page here :: Cubacar (41) 99-62-57 :: Havanautos (41) 99-63-01 :: Transtur Taxis (41) 99-64-54 Autos 419-66-33 :: Scooters/vespas Transtur on Lino Perez

Nowhere else except La Habana, is there more choice : Bands, shows, dancing and singing from 10 a.m.
:: Artex (daily dance lessons)
:: Casa de la Trova (band and dancing to son)
:: Casa de la Musica Egrem, the most popular : three stages, one of which outdoors, on the steps, by the Iglesia Santisima.
:: Casa de la Musica (daily dance lessons)
:: Ciné Romelio Cornelio, Parque Central
:: Disco Las Cuevas (extraordinary cave)
:: Las Ruinas (of Teatro Brunet) : open sky
:: Palenque de Congos Reales (afro-cuban rhythms).

:: By taxi, 3 hours 30 mins., from and to La Habana via Cienfuegos : figure 25cuc per person, minimum 4 passengers; where to book ? Every square meter of town seems to be filled with taxi hustlers : if you cannot find one, start praying, 'cause it's the end of the world.

La Popesa, disaffected church on the hill side overlooking the town © Elio Delgado HTorg |• La Cotorra de la Felicidad, an ara caught digitally © sogestour — Click to enlarge

Transportation in Trinidad © Linda Klipp, category winner of Havana Times 2013 Photo Contest : "an old man followed by the next generation _ walking to scootering_ indicates the progress being made in this colorful, well preserved city"

Favorite excursion by far is Valle de Los Ingenios by steam train to see Manaca Iznaga and other slave drivers' homes on their huge sugar plantations. Cubanacan tour details on click.

A varied choice of nightlife spots (below), a fabulous mountain range and parks nearby in Topes de Collantes,
many stupendous colonial casas to stay in (our list below) a 5 kilometer-long playa on the Ancon peninsula and a loverly fishing village at La Boca (above) : could Trinidad be THE spot to visit on La Isla Grande ? Go figure. © unk AyL
James Richards
Nowhere else except La Habana is there more choice.
::: Casa de la Musica, calle Simon Bolivar (most popular, on three levels of the Escalera (stairs) right by the church of Iglesia Santisima; dance lessons daytime) ::: Artex, calle Lino Pérez 307 (daytime dance lessons, thursday night dancing for nostalgics) ::: Casa de la Trova, calle F. Hernandez Echerri 29 (band and son dancing, senior clientele) ::: Palenque de los Congos Reales, calle F. Hernandez Echerri 35 (folklore dances, afro-cubans rythms) ::: Ruinas de Segarte, calle Jesus Menendez (rehearsals during the day, shows at 21h, open 24/7) ::: Ruinas del Teatro Brunet, calle Maceo, e/Simon Bolivar y Zerquera (bar 10h-24h; show at 21h30) ::: Circulo Social, calle Marti 319 (mostly Trinitarios but you can still come in if you're up to a game of dominos, shows on saturdays) ::: Disco Las Cuevas (out and up the hill (by cab) or long walk in the dark from Plaza Mayor — flashlight mandatory — the disco in huge caves, live shows on week-ends; from 22h Tue-Sun; 10cuc pp; Cuban chicas ad infinitum) ::: Ciné Romelio Cornelio, parque Central (a real movie house with real movies, eh?). Some videos aqui.
::: Make sure that in your first email or phone call you specify that you want to book a room in that particular casa and that you will reconfirm your booking on arrival in Cuba. Unless you only want a room in any house which may be of the same quality, not the specific casa you booked through photos on these websites ::: So as to not abandon expecting owners with empty rooms, reconfirm (or call ahead to cancel) your booking by phone as soon as you can after arriving in Cuba ::: Please write or phone a casa owner to cancel a booking. As late as it may seem, it allows them a chance to rebook. ::: Children under the age of 16 may share a bedroom with adults for free. Specify the child's age when booking ::: At the end of the casa name, the V signals the casa was suggested by travelers or owners but not verified by the website staff. If you try it and like it, write us about it. ::: Unless otherwise mentioned, the average room rates and service prices are : 20-25cuc per bedroom per night [up to 40+ for 4 in a room]; breakfasts 5cuc, dinners 8-12++cuc ::: Any casa particular anywhere in Cuba must have a hot water shower, otherwise it cannot have a permit to rent ::: Please share your Complaints, comments & suggestions webmaster [@]cubacasas.net

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• From Canada and the USA : 011 53 (add phone # preceded by the town's area code, 419) • From Europe, Great Britain, Scandinavia and Mexico : 00 53 (add phone # preceded by the town's area code, 419) ••• HOW TO DIAL A CUBAN PHONE NUMBER HERE ••• CELL PHONE NUMBERS on our town lists and casa pages are preceded by 5 for calls originating Havana; from anywhere else in Cuba, dial 01 + the 8 digits of the cell.

Click on logo to open a message addressed to that casa in your email application; or right-click to copy address. Spanish vocabulary here.

Colonial casas, dating from 1650 to 1890.
Click on logo, then go to other houses (OTRAS CASAS) from that page.

Left the tower of the Museo de lucha contra los bandidos (Museum on the battle against the bandits) - into the early 60's, counter-revolucionaries); right, mirador atop the tower of the Museo de Architectura © sogestour
Three aircon br's, ensuites, patio, roof terrace
F. Javier Zerquera (Rosario) 266, (41) 99-66-69

Casa Tamargo © sogestour

Three br's, ensuites, patio, roof terrace
F. Peterssen (Chichinquira) 179 cel 52 61 78 12 

Two upstairs ac bedrooms, ensuites, patio
Jesus Menendez (Alameda) 156, (41) 99-82-98

El Cocodrilo • Lidice Zerquera Mauri © casecuba

One aircon bedroom, ensuite, patio
Jose Marti (Jesus Maria) 263, (41) 99-31-42

Familia Gil Lemes © sogestour

Three ac bedrooms, ensuites, patio
Gustavo Izquierdo (Gloria) 111, (41) 99-34-44

Mercedes y Manuel Meyer © sogestour
Two ac bedrooms, ensuites, patio
Gustavo Izquierdo (Gloria) 127, 52 51 20 96

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Three ac bedrooms (one up), ensuites, patio
Maceo (Gutierrez) 430 Tél. (41) 99-35-31

Maceo 430
Two ac bedrooms (one up), ensuites, patio
Maceo (Gutierrez) 438 Tél. (41) 99-66-13

Three ac bedrooms, ensuites, patio
Maceo (Gutiérrez) 406, (41) 99-3183

Three ac bedrooms, ensuites, patio
Maceo (Gutierrez) 374 Tél. (41) 99-2319

Hostal Colina
One aircon bedroom, ensuite, patio
Calle Colón # 371, 52 47 42 56 6

Colon 371
Two ac bedrooms, ensuites, patio
F.H. Echerri (Cristo) #54, (41) 99-3634

del Historiador © sogestour
Casas from post colonial era, 1891 to 1958.
Click on logo, then go to other houses (OTRAS CASAS) from that page.

Casas modernas — built since the Revolucion.
Click on logo, then go to other houses (OTRAS CASAS) from that page.
Ciudad desde cementerio © unk - Alexis y Lisdey
Whole two-bedroom casa, kitchen, patio

Lino Perez (San Procopio) 361 52 77 09 08

Three aircon bedrooms, ensuite baths
Ciro Redondo 279, 52 74 35 26

Laura y Toledo © sogestour
Two aircon bedrooms, ensuites
Antonio Maceo (Gutierrez) 539, (41) 99-3186

Hugo Bastida © sogestour
Two ac bedrooms, ensuites, terraces
Antonio Maceo 528 (41) 99-8480

One ground floor ac bedroom, ensuite, patio
Pedro Zerquera (Aguacate) 205 Tel. (41) 99-3902


Upstairs, three bedrooms, ensuites
Callejon de Coco, F. Peterssen 180 Cell 52 61 78 12

Coco 180


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Upstairs, two ac bedrooms, ensuites, terraces
Piro Guinart (Boca) 106, (41) 99-3430

Piro Guinart (Boca) 106
Upstairs, three ac bedrooms, ensuites, terraces
Fidel Claro 82-B, (41) 99-2394

Duniesky © sogestour
Two aircon bedrooms, ensuites, terrace & patio
Antonio Guiteras 10A, 52 95 22 38

Upstairs, two ac br, ensuite, roof terrace
F. Peterssen (Chichinquira) 178 Tel. (41) 99-6433



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::: DK : Font, Muñoz ::: FH : Muñoz, Rogelio Inchauspi Bastida, Gisela Borrell Bastida, Hostal Lola, Marilu y Carlos, Carlos Sotolongo, Maria y Enddy, Orbea, Sandra y Victor, Hugo P Bastida Saenz de Buruaga, Jose y Fatima ::: FG : Hostal Alameda, Oasis, Mauri, Bastida, Elda y Roberto, Sotolongo, Font, Meyer, Muñoz ::: GG : Casa Arrandia, Hostal Benavente, Casa Colonial Fefa & Reyes, Casa Gil Lemes, Casa Julian Santana, Hostal Ida, Hostal Carrasco, Casa Lili, Casa Laura y Ruben, Casa Nilda, Liliana Zerquera, Mercedes Cano Gonzalez, Anabel Ruiz Tapanes, Hospedaje Elda y Roberto, Casa Colonial Terrado ::: LP : Muñoz, El Suizo, Nelson Fernandez Rodriguez, El Rustico, Jose y Fatima, Gil Lemes, Hostal Colina, Casa de Victor, Casa de Aracely ::: LR : Rogelio Inchauspi, Hostal-Casa Bastida, Casa Font, Hostal Casa Meyer, Hostal El Chef, Hostal Lili, Lara y Yuda, La Milagrosa, Tamargo, Luis Grau Monedero, Casa Muñoz, Jesus Fernandez Juviel, Sara Sanjuan Alvarez, Liliana Zerquera, Marisela y Gustavo Canedo, Carmelina de la Paz, Casa Balbina, Conchita Soler, Hostal Familia Gil Lemes, Hostal Amatista, Hostal Maritza Hernandez Santos ::: MC : Carmen Luisa (Hostal Font), Balbina, Lagunilla, Las Jimaguas, Hostal Oasis, Amigos del Mundo, Colina, Tamargo, El Patio, Rita, Sol y Son, Carlos Sotolongo, Arandia, Gil Lemes, Julio Munoz ::: MH : Muñoz, Nelson y Marilu, Sotolongo, Sara Sanjuan, Sandra y Victor, El Patio ::: NG : Casa Colonial Munoz, Rogelio Inchauspi Bastida, Casa Font, Casa Meyer, Sandra y Victor ::: NV : José y Fatima, Ana Margarita San Juan Mitri ::: PF : Carlos y Iraida, Carlos y Yani, Aracely, Bernardo, Muñoz, Smith, Sarahi, Tamargo, Adiary y Carlos, Balbina Cadahia, Hermanos Reyes, La lluvia de oro, Mamma Mia, Manuel y Miriam, Mayra Gonzalez, La Navarra, Sara San Juan, La Casona ::: RG : Casa Julio Bastida, Carlos Sotolongo Peña, La Casona, Hostal Colina, Hostal El Tayaba, Hostal Zobeida ::: SL : Casa Muñoz, Casa Mauri, Hostal Sarahi, Hostal Las Mercedes, Maria 070318 ::: TRIP ADVISOR TOP 25 (100+ reviews-% Excellent or Very Good) : Casa de Miriam (711-97%), La Milagrosa (710-97%), Elio Ramos (702-97%), José y Kirenia (646-98%), El Patio (539-97%), Amaro y Yamira (498-100%), Las Margaritas (455-98%), Brisas de Alameda (368-99%), Maritza Hernandez (322-97%), Lara y Yuda (321-98%), Casa Coky (255-99%), Hostal Alameda (196-98%), Cabriales (109-99%), Casa Mia (206-98%), Tamargo (186-100%), Hostal Merlyn (173-99%), Norelvis y Liubetsy (148-98%), Hostal Marelis (147-100%), Yahima y Mariel (138-97%), Los Mangos (137-99%), La Casona (126-99%), Hostal Colina (123-100%), Doña Cristina (106-100%), Remanso de Paz (104-94%), Misleydis y Gustavo (101-100%) 250518


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