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Vicente Barreneche y Clarita
Calle 11 # 46805, entre 468 y 470, reparto Bello Monte, up from the town's main beach, 3 km from Santa Maria del Mar beach, 2 from Boca Ciega. Tel. (7) 796 6543 cell 52 53 95 44 •|• Guanabo • VICENTE y CLARITA •|• Guanabo • VICENTE y CLARITA •|• Guanabo • VICENTE y CLARITA •|• Guanabo • VICENTE y CLARITA
Vicente and Clarita rent three naturally-lit aircon bedrooms, two with ensuite bathrooms.

One facing south (with view shown above) is larger, has one double bed and one large twin closet including drawers; it opens to kitchen and living room. Its hot-water shower bathroom is ensuite.

The other ac bedroom faces north with large closets and drawers has windows on two sides — one is over the beds; reading light between the two doubles with a back view of the rental casa next door and a side view of the neighbouring lots south; it has a hot-water shower bathroom one step outside, opening on to an enclosed private area which can be closed from the neighbouring kitchen.

Serving these two bedrooms is a small living area with a tv in a glassed-in corner with sofa and chairs; a bar-type kitchenette with gas stove, fridge and pots and pans to prepare and serve meals; a dining table just outside offers views of the full horizon, the sea, trees and rooftops.

The third bedroom overlooks the back (south side) with neighbouring casas too far up the hill to be annoying; the Guanabo club/disco at the very top of the calle 468 could be annoying; earplugs could be handy.

The bedroom has its own large balcony with a nice large table; in the corner, a small cooking space comes in handy; pots and pans and a fridge; the bedroom opens to this semi-private balcony and features one double bed, chairs.

When guests want home-cooked meals, Vicente and/or staff bring the meals from the owners' street-level apartment; Vicente was very smart in offering us plates with a variery of foods (salads and meat or a more vegetarian plate) but only one plateful (as per our request), not the usual overly abundant servings one finds elsewhere in Cuba. A grocery store down the hill by the sea offers all types of food with frozen meats and lots of drinks including rum and wines. •|• Guanabo • VICENTE y CLARITA •|• Guanabo • VICENTE y CLARITA
Two steps from the dining table (as well as the private balcony of the third bedroom) is another table with parasol, a bench and a three-meter wide wading pool in which travellers can sit while enjoying their beer or mojito. •|• Guanabo • VICENTE y CLARITA •|• Guanabo • VICENTE y CLARITA
Up a narrow staircase is a roof terrace with yet another view of the town; lawn chairs and table. From there or the swimming pool or the living room, travellers can enjoy views of the Playas del Este area with the sea on the horizon (and the sunset facing the dining/living area) all the way to Playa Megano or Playa Valenciana with Santa Maria del Mar and Boca Ciega in between; there is ample and safe parking on the street; laundry service; Vicente can accompany guests to Havana either for pick-up or taxi for a very reduced rate — half of what regular taxis ask for.

Rates : 25-30cuc per night per bedroom; breakfasts 4cuc, dinners 10-12cuc •|• Guanabo • VICENTE y CLARITA •|• Guanabo • VICENTE y CLARITA •|• Guanabo • VICENTE y CLARITA
Vicente has a lot of experience with the public — having worked in a restaurant while his esposa works as an accountant for a management company in Old Havana. •|• Guanabo • VICENTE y CLARITA •|• Guanabo • VICENTE y CLARITA
Vicente runs the casa, lives with his father (a baseball aficionado with his own living quarters below the rented space) and their daughter, a doctor and their son, a sports teacher. Both work, study and live mostly in Havana.

Vicente having worked in Russia during seven years, can get along in Russian; and English as well.

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