Solennys Diaz Ferrer y Victor Carmona Pedraill
Calle Hartman (San Felix) # 356, e/ Trinidad y San German, town center 5 blocks from Parque Cespedes. Tél. cell 54 08 08 39 or in casa (22) 65-5631

"We offer for rent two ac bedrooms, each with private bathroom and max. 3 people.

Our facilities ensure safety, comfort and tranquility and a location that allows you to walk to a lot of options in the city.

Travelers here get first-hand advice for the finest site to your interests.

In our casa,we offer a variety of local dishes and more.

Prices : 20cuc per night; 3-5cuc breakfasts; dinner 6-8 CUC.

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Updated 27.09.2014