Ing. Raimundo Ocaña y Bertha Peña
Calle Heredia no 308, entre Pio Rosado (Carniceria) y Porfirio Valiente (Calvario). Smack in the center of the cultural action, como no ! Locate on this map. Tel. (22) 62-40-97

Raimundo Ocaña © Sogestour
Charming colonial where Raimundo and his mother Bertha have been renting forever.
Small double living room with an entrance to an aircon bedroom, mini open-air patio, one other aircon bedroom with private bathroom.

Comfortable and friendly. Very close to the Casa de la Trova on Heredia, the busiest city block day or night.
Engineer Raimundo knows everyone and everything about his neighbourhood : first Santiago lodger of this webmaster 15 years ago, he can help you find whatever you need for your trip.

Bertha, a devout Catholic, told us how the local church encouraged youngsters to go to the Sierra Maestra in the 50's to join the revolucion.

Rates : 20-25cuc per night for bedroom
Raimundo Ocaña © Sogestour Raimundo Ocaña © Sogestour
Raimundo Ocaña © Sogestour Raimundo Ocaña © Sogestour

photos © Sogestour

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