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Zuleida y Lazaro Viñola
Located in Batey Caleton, right on the bay of Pigs on Calle de laPlaya, beachside with private terrace. Tel. (45) 98-7599 cellular 52 90 94 02

Other casas on this stretch : El Paraiso, Ernesto Autoservicio, Kiki, Yaimé y Mandito

Zuleida and esposo welcomed travelers in Jaguey Grande before settling here in 2012.
The affable wife of Lazaro Viñola - a Cienaga de Zapata national park fly fishing guide (pnacionalcz @ enet.cu) - offers three spacious bedrooms with private bathrooms.

Past the gate at the end of an alley, a lounge for sleeping guests opens to the rooms. An always overflowing kitchen overlooks the terrace (dining room) of the paladar on the beach.

Bedrooms are large, air-conditioned and well appointed, the problem being that if one seeks tranquility, bedroom doors face the busy paladar open all day ; (

Price: 30-35cuc per bedroom per night

ZULEIDA y VIÑOLA + PALADAR ::: particuba.net •|• Zapata • Playa Larga ZULEIDA y VIÑOLA + PALADAR ::: particuba.net •|• Zapata • Playa Larga

Casa is almost at opposite end of this casa-less beach © sogestour

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