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Marieta Gómez Borges y Eliseo Nodarse Esquijarosa
Located right on the bay of Pigs (Cochinos). Beachside with private terrace. Cell 52 75 48 15 Cell. 58 06 11 74

[Also on the beachside road : Zuleida, Kiki, Yaimé y Mandito, Ernesto y Yodainy]
The owner long rented a few steps away at Villa Marieta - where she still lives.

She rents three bedrooms here in this great casa right on the bay : they are air conditioned, beautifully furnished and ventilated with private bathrooms.

The house has a large bar area (which may be open to all who pass on the beach ; ), kitchen and ranchon rear, private and opening on the beach.

View of the sea (the bay, actually) and the gents and ladies who pass by in their scanty attires ; )

Price: 25CUC per bedroom per night

It seems a confirmed reservation may not mean in the beachside casa per se. So be specific when booking. As writes this recent Belgian visitor : " We did not stay in the house that overlooks the beach but in one acroos the road, which bears no sign, but apparently works in collaboration with the Villa: it is composed of a living room, at the rear a large kitchen and two ac bedrooms on the other side - one lady was there to check us in and make us sign the papers, she received the cucs for the night, but we took dinner and breakfast in El Paraiso ... Michele Guidé, Belgium 15.01.15

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