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Ernesto y Yodainy
Located in Caleton off the bay of Pigs (Cochinos). On beach road. At junction (entronque), take "Final" road, then left at futbol field and school, then right along the beach camino. Tél. (45) 98-7276 cell 54 26 50 16

[Also on bayside road : Zuleida, Kiki, Yaimé y Mandito, El Paraiso] Hosts also rent a three-bedroom casa near bahia de pesqueros : Casa Ernesto y Yodainy. Mention which casa in email. Link

On the bay of Pigs dirt road, one finds this autonomous, independent and fully for rent casa.
Business card says "Con autoservicio de Cocina", so both bedrooms are rented with full casa - living room and kitchenette, facade terrace, parking - ideal spot for family or couple of friends.

A patio area with shower (from beach), laundry area, parasol, whatever works for you.

Autoservicio means self-service kitchen : you can prepare meals as ustensils, plates and pts & pans are at the ready. A kiosk near the bus stop sells frozen chicken or pork, beef maybe; otherwise hang out by the fishermen's bay ...

Rates : 20-25cuc per room per night

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