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Ricardo Abella Hernandez + Mercedes Loriga Pichs + Kelvis Abella
Playa Giron in the village, about 500 m left at the first fork coming from Playa Larga on street passing in front of Casa de la Cultura and leading to the camino principal intersection. Tel. (45) 98-4383 cell 53 68 88 37

Their biz card says "Rent a room, seafood specialist" and a photo shows Ricardo in his chef's uniform.
Below, one can see the beautiful dining room where he has been serving his culinary delights since 2001 — Ricardo used to work as Chef at Villa Playa Giron.

He's been on his own for more than a decade — along with his esposa and son — and guests like what they taste, before or after resting in the ground floor aircon bedroom which they rent, just off the nice living room.

The couple's son Kelvis will take fly-fishermen to the best spots with equipment he rents. "Pescado de mosca" is fly fishing, Cuban style.

Rates : 20-25cuc per bedroom per night; meals served (of course!); laundry service and parking space.

"The bedrooms were clean and we had plenty of space, the beach is in walking distance. we had great mojitos prepared by "le chef du cuisine" himself, the whole family was very kind and nice.

Furthermore we had good talks with Ricardo. If you're going to Playa Giron, don't forget to visit "la cueva de pesces" and have a dive in "bahia de cochinos".

Ask Ricardo for the guided tour through the woods - this was one of the best experiences we had on our Cuba trip because the two ranchers were so thoughtful and interested in keeping the beautiful nature as it is, it was a pleasure talking to them. Furthermore we saw tocororos, bats, a boa and an owl..." EvaLunaEva January 2013, tripad

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SPECIALTIES OF THE CASA: cobo (concha), pulpo (octopus), langosta ("lobster"), camaron (shrimp), fish on ze grill, including peto (wahoo), pargo (red snapper), pez leon (lion fish), among others.
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