Callejas nº 136, entre Castillo y Luz Caballero, 5 blocks from centre : some shops and the main store (Panamericanos), Etecsa (Internet Cnx) and the Ferrocaril (train station) besides the Parque Central. Tel. (33) 50-52-58 cell 52 94 51 42

Doctor Frank works in the vast [and regional] hospital a few blocks from his casa; his brother teaches on the local campus of the Faculty of Medicine. Both are married with family.

So their loving mother Ogdulia (above) cares for the clientele. From the main door, we find, behind the living room separated from a dining room by columns, the rented bedroom with two beds and its ensuite bathroom. No windows except a skylight in the bathroom.

Closer to the rear, a second ac bedroom with ensuite and an open and partially shaded patio overlooking a huge lot broader, a beautiful wooded area; but usually customers stay up front and enjoy their half of the house.

Rates : 20-25cuc room per night; breakfasts served; for dinners, at 200m, the paladar of Maite, the province's best restaurant, bar none.

Photos © Sogestour

Updated 31.08.2018