Giraldo Osveldo Sánchez Sánchez y
Katia Vazquez Cueli

Calle Libertad nº 90, e/ Martí y Castillo, 50 meters from la Casa de la Trova and 25 from restaurant La Fuente. Tél. (33) 50-51-94 cel 53 27 64 04

Katia studied maths and computer science and teaches at the local Academy of Fine Arts. Her husband Giraldo is a veterinarian; their son is studying at the University of Santa Clara.

Since 2009, the couple has been renting two air-conditioned bedrooms - each with ac, private bathroom, DVD player, TV and refrigerator.

They are located on the upper floor of their casa which has a living room - dining room with a bar and a dinette in the shade on the patio - the staircase which leads to rooms — as well as a terrace and a patio and now a new roof terrace.

The first bedroom has a maximum capacity of 4 people with a double bed and two singles, the "cuarto 2" has a large double bed, ample and comfortable for two guests, and a (rare) récamier - kind of side lounge sofa.

Rates: 20-25cuc according to season, breakfasts 3-4 CUC, dinners 7-10 depending on the choices.

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Updated 17.04.2018