Oscar Quintero y Belkis (Betty) Beltrán Pérez
Cristobal Colon 37, e/ Carretera de Patria y Linea de Ferrocarril (train line) on Parque de los Ferrocarriles (trains park) Tel. (33) 50-57-63

Not to be confused with Hostal Belkis on Castillo 175, run by Belkis Luques Alonso
"I had a large air-conditioned room with two beds and private bathroom (outside the room), small fridge, side tables, two fans. Bedding changed often.

"The dining room and lounge were almost exclusively for me and all the time I left the money in my room without a lock. "

Rates: 20-25cuc per room per night •|• Moron • BELKIS y OSCAR •|• Moron • BELKIS y OSCAR

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Updated 8/31/2018