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Salomé Roth y su marido Rayko
Calle Damas n° 858 altos (upstairs), e/ Merced y Paula Leonor Perez, near the artesans market and Central Station in barrio San Isidro in Zone 4 . Tél. 58 18 39 89 (Rayko)

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Frenchwoman Salomé and her husband Rayko have opened in March 2016, a casa for travelers (viajeros), sort of youth hostel with two dormitories with a total of 6 bunks (single beds).

On her Facebook page, she describes her casa "Ilé Aché is a hostel for backpackers passing through Havana.

We have a capacity for six people, in two shared bedrooms (one with 4 bunks and one with 2).

We charge 10 CUC per night per person including breakfast. Our house is in Habana Vieja, the historic center of the capital.

It is in a great typical colonial building with terrace and balcony.

We expect low budget travelers, and we do our best so they will want to come back! "

Rates: 10CUC per person including desayuno."

ILE ACHE ::: •|• Habana Vieja © sogestourThe neighborhood of San Isidro is located southwest of Old Havana, near the port docks.

In this area you will find several buildings dating from the 17th and 18th centuries, such as the Church of the Holy Spirit - Iglesia de Sancti Spiritus or the Church of the Merced - Iglesia de la Merced.

It is also known by historians and die-hard Habaneros as Yarini's beat, the pimp whose funeral was attended by thousands, so the story goes. [Who were they, satisfied clients ? Hard to believe.]

The era is bygone and today, San Isidro is part of the area of ​​greatest interest according to the government and was declared in 1982, with the whole of Habana Vieja, a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Despite its proximity to the tourist attractions of Old Havana (pedestrian street calle Obispo, its parks and squares such as Francisco de Asis, Plaza de Armas), San Isidro continues to have a strong identity that makes it a district of character, with a lively street life. Salomé Roth

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THE OWNERS (photos below)
Rayko "I am an animation artist for ICRT (Cuban television) and professor of Angola capoeira and an artist. I enjoy welcoming and exchanging with people from around the world and help them explore the city where I was born.

Salomé: "I am French. I am completing a PhD at the Sorbonne in Paris on Afro-Cuban religions and Cuban Theater. I discovered Cuba years ago and I am fascinated by this country - so human and so complex. I want to share with other travelers the charms of this island, its people and its culture. I want to transmit my enthusiasm to travellers so that they get as hooked as I have! "

ILE ACHE ::: •|• Habana Vieja © sogestour
ILE ACHE ::: •|• Habana Vieja © sogestour

ILE ACHE ::: •|• Habana Vieja © sogestour
ILE ACHE ::: •|• Habana Vieja © sogestour

ILE ACHE ::: •|• Habana Vieja © sogestour
ILE ACHE ::: •|• Habana Vieja © sogestour

ILE ACHE ::: •|• Habana Vieja © sogestour
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