Enrique Conde Aceval y Mayda Garcia Valdes
Avenida 0 (Zero) No. 3502, entre 35 y 37, just behind Palacio del Valle on Punta Gorda. Tel. (43) 51-4602 cel 53 94 56 72

Enrique Conde owns this once-colonial-type casa with a patio with rockers, living and dining room and show space for karaoke night and concerts by friend Emilio on ground floor.

The retired couple rents three upstairs aircon bedrooms, each with ensuite bath; with a view. Meals served, as it is a paladar, ie a private restaurant.

Rates : 25-30cuc per bedroom, breakfasts 5, dinners 10-12cuc.
"We stayed 3 nights with Mayda & Enrique and were made to feel like part of the family even though we had little common language.

The food was fabulous and the location in Punta Gorda quiet with a lovely garden to sit and chill.

Bedroom was clean, bright, airy and comfortable and there is a great roof top terrace to watch the sea or if you are lucky like us, a lightning storm lasting several hours."
JCTT Toronto 22.11.12 tripad

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Updated 21.03.2018