Elsa Espinosa González y Justa Garcia
Calle San Fernando 62 (narrow and quiet street), e/ Callejon de Tio Perico y Callejon de Triana, 200 m from Plaza de la Juventud, in the corazon of town from Sacred Heart church (Sagrada Corazon de Jesus - 8 am Sunday Mass). Tel. (32) 29-8104, cel. 58 13 47 00

nauta.cu @ addresses allow email reception on cell phones

Beware of jiniteros (young men preying on unknowing tourists) : they abound in this part of town. They invent any story to steer you to a casa where you certainly will not be satisfied.
In the middle of the church-laden part of town, this superb and large colonial house with its decorative wrought-iron windows and an interior patio-garden offers a haven of calm quiet and beauty.

Elsa and Henry were a retired couple in their 70's who were very welcoming and they started renting before the third millenium - two air-conditioned bedrooms, each with ensuite bathroom and two double beds. Guaranteed parking.

Henry having passed away, Elsa now takes care of day-to-day hospitality with her helping hand and good friend Justa Garcia.

: 25-30cuc depending on season per night per bedroom; 35cuc triple; breakfasts 5cuc, dinners 8-12, veggie meals available; parking (parqueo) assured, official and monitored.

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Updated 14.02.2018