Sunset on isle of Pines - Hotel Colony
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Faces of Cubans we met in 06
Faces of Cubans we met before 2006
Cifuentes [Villa Clara] Art Gallery
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La Isla (Isle of Pines or Juventud)
Ovelooking Viñales
Cienfuegos Bay and Punta Gorda
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Trains station at San German in the middle of nowhere
San German, the train station •|• Silla de Gibara © sogestour
Gibara, 30k north of Holguin
Maguana - Baracoa
Old collecting card album of the 60's
Parque Marti in Cienfuegos Center
Impressions of artists
Sierra Maestra
Santa Clara's Parque central (or Vidal)

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Top panorama - Hotel Colony beach (Isla de la Juventud) at sunset