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Carretera Soroa, about 9,5 km from Candelaria and approx. 600 meters up the road from Villas Soroa, close to casa Alyuska; located before the for-Cubans-only campismo. Tel. (48) 59-8487
YUMY | | Soroa
YUMY | | Soroa Yumy (aka Yumy Rent Room Hospedaje) rents two air conditioned bedrooms each private bathroom on the floor of a new building at the back of the land.

With its recently-added huge ranchon, fabulous views from the two-story building in the back where the two new modern bedrooms are, Yumy and staff cook up some mighty fine and memorable meals.

The place is not devoid of rocky charm, the hospitality makes the difference.

Rates: 20-25cuc per room, meals served, parking.

The owner uses the original little casa, at left, above. It is in this casita that we met more than 20 years ago when Papito was still around.
YUMY | | Soroa
Se alquila dos habitaciones con aire acondicionado-que comparten un baño. Hacinamiento, a distancia, la casa no está desprovista de encanto roca, haciendo una diferencia de bienvenida.

Precios: Habitación de 20-25cuc.

YUMY | | Soroa YUMY | | Soroa
YUMY | | Soroa
YUMY | | Soroa

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