Calle Frank Pais (main street) No. 52
Tel. (48) 79-39-49

Charming Leonila moved from Hermanos Caballeros street to main street Frank Pais and still runs a fine casa : its living and dining room lead to a comedor in the back.

Also in back, a double-bedded room with a private bathroom.

Another double-bedded room and a third (ideal for kids) share a second bathroom. Attentive hosts, excellent cuisine.

We were told in April 2014 that a few weeks earlier, Fidel and Raul's sons, both scuba divers, stayed in this casa — no doubt to go dive off Cayo Ines de Soto, a fabulous spot still unavailable to foreigners.

During their stay, the cousins noted that the road to El Rosario (first community established by Fidel at the start of the Revolucion) nearby was in dire straits, they saw to it that it be paved and, voilà, in June 2014, the road was paved — after 50 years of neglect.

Rate : 15cuc per bedroom


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Updated 16.07.2014