Insignia Siboney

Sulema Pena Creo
Calle Obelisco 7, entre Camino del Oasis y Primera (1ra), 60m from playa. Tel. (22) 39-9285 Cel 52 53 22 63

"Off the main road, with virtually no traffic, Casa Sulema is only 60 meters from the beach. With a great view, it is your casa!

The best location and a lovely family. Sulema is also a fantastic cook, has been renting since 2006, and has been learning a variety of international dishes (including Asian cuisine)!

Sulema rents two lovely quiet private rooms each with air-conditioning, private bathroom, double bed, TV and all modern conveniences.

Very clean and very comfortable. "

Rates : 20-25cuc per bedroom per night; 15 in low season; breakfasts 3cuc; dinners 5-8cuc

Refered by Mark Warhaft 180314
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