Andres Ruiz y Familia
Avenida Serrano s/n (sin/numero, no number) some 200 m from playa. Cell 53 08 74 53

The house in which Andres and his family (two kids) rent to travelers since 2013 has two upstairs ac bedrooms with separate bathrooms, hot shower, large windows, sea view, and fridge in a bright environment.

It is 200 meters from the sea of which you can feel the breeze and smell.

La casa de Andres also has a garden with trees, plants, fruits, vegetables and a large ranchon as well as fauna from the rabbit, turtle, duck, chicken and jutía families.

At the back on the cliffs sometimes appear iguanas and other animals : very nice to see.

Rates : 25cuc per bedroom per night; breakfasts, 3cuc, dinners up 15cuc; lockasble parking.

« We stayed in private homes and in hotels in Cuba but in Andres and his family's casa, we really felt like in our home for 3 weeks. The room is super clean and huge, especially the bathroom. The refrigerator in the room always has cold drinks available. The garden and small zoo are wonderful.

« In the covered garden pavilion, there was always music and there were always instruments ready. Andres was always there for us and even accompanied us on trips and interesting conversations with us even though we could not speak Spanish. His wife cooked delicious meals and the garden offered all kinds of fresh fruit.

« Unlike Santiago, it is also very quiet and relaxing in Siboney. One can be quickly in the city, if so desired. The beach was mainly populated by locals and had a quaint beach bar. So who wants to go to the bustle of the tourist spots out of the way? This is the place to be. My husband and my daughter also felt comfortable. » Ariane1966, Frankfurt, tripad visor 170118

Photos © andre ruiz + sogestour

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Updated 16.02.2018