Martires de Viet-Nam (Del Angel) 68 up the stairs, entre Caridad (pedestrian staircase street) y General Benites (de la Amargura). Tel. (23) 57-7980 Cel 58 15 18 51

At extreme right under the white rental sign, is the up stair case leading to La Roca casa + paladar.
From here, travelers see the church steeples overlooking Parque central, three cuadras down. •|• Manzanillo •  JUAN MANUEL
i Bienvenidos to La Roca — Casa & Paladar !
The couple served meals all over town as a catering service. Now they are settled for viajeros and dineros.
The casa used to be named Merci y Marcel for Mercedes and Marcel who were local well-known caterers and restaurateurs. Now the casa is also a paladar, La Roca which rents to travelers.

One gets to their casa by a narrow staircase on the facade, climb to the entrance where a lounge and the dining area is the paladar's main room with the kitchen at the back.

In addition, a private lounge for travelers and lodgers leads to two adjoining bedrooms : each has air-con and a private bathroom, one has a double bed, the other two beds.

Even higher, a large terrace where Marcel keeps a odd BBQ made by hand from an old Coca-Cola cooler. From here you can see the sunset and the city center and rooftop terrace of their neighbors, Adrian y Tonia.

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Updated 28.02.2018