Edificio 9, apto. 11, 1er piso — ground floor — facing a large green space and futbol pitch leading to the "chopping" centre, hotels Brisas and Club Amigo as well as Villas Cabana (torn down and rebuilt 2013-2014) Cell. 58 01 59 04

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Vista depuis les édifices des casas Odelsa y Luis et la casa de Noris
Vista from the front of buildings 9, 11, 13 etc, along the main Holguin-Banes road passing through.
NORIS HIDALGO PARRA • •|• Guardalavaca
In one of the first buildings encountered on arrival in Guardalavaca - the side of the road, opposite the road leading to the mall, Noris rent an air-conditioned bedroom with adjoining bathroom.

The hostess also offers guests a lounge-travelers but also (quite rare in Guardalavaca) a large patio with a covered area used as dining room to the kitchen Mrs. prepared.

Rates: 25-30cuc per night for the room

NORIS HIDALGO PARRA • •|• Guardalavaca

NORIS HIDALGO PARRA • •|• Guardalavaca
NORIS HIDALGO PARRA • •|• Guardalavaca

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