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Calle 35, no 24, entre Zero y Litoral, in the last part of the Punta Gorda dead-end, past the Jagua Hotel. Direct water access, off a private dock. Tel. (43) 51-15-19
Angel y Isabel © sogestour The place looks like a castle but the kind couple will not look down on you.

Well, they may, but only if they're up a ladder, renovating their casa, as always...

Their rent two aircon and ventilated bedrooms with private bathrooms, garden patio overlooking the bahia. Hospitable folks and great food served with a view of the bay.

It's nice to be right on the water, toes dipping at the end of the dock. Carpe Diem.

Rates : 50cuc per bedroom, breakfasts 5, dinners 10-12cuc.
Very bad experience with the owner Mrs Isabel.
« Booked the room via a website which sent us a confirmation and we also have called the day before and spoke to a woman on the phone saying that we were going to arrive the day after in the evening. The woman said ok fine, and repeated my name (so understood who I was)...

The day after we arrived there and she said that the room was not available as she did not receive a confirmation from the agency, (she first showed us the room and then said that after we gave her our passports and she said the names were not on her agenda).

She said that she did not speak to any one the day before!!! and asked the same to the cleaner and the daughter...none of them apparently received my phone call!! Then she said that the room was available in the morning....and somebody rented it as she did not expect anyone to come (as the agency did not confirm the room).

We then saw 4 persons arriving....and she said they took the room in the we understood....: she has a free room...not ours....BUT she rented the free room AND our room to them in order to have the house sold out.....
do not trust this person....the room is not that great...very small...the only nice thing is that is near to the lake....very expensive house in comparison to the others as for 25 cuc you find better solutions. she gave us the contact of another person in the area who had a nice house for 25 cuc. do not trust her... " Villa V Cagliari, Italia, tripad visor 110314

Bad value for money for accomodation in Cienfuegos
« Although the view on the sea from the room is great, this hostal is pretty bad value for money in Cienfuegos. You can find similar places at cheaper price (we paid 50 CUC for 1 night - you can find similar accommodation nearby for 35 CUC). Also, the owners act more like business men than in all the other casas particulares we did in Cuba. » MaximoOrlando, Brussels, Belgium, tripadvisor 101217
Angel y Isabel © sogestour Angel y Isabel © sogestour
Angel y Isabel © sogestour
Angel y Isabel © sogestour
Angel y Isabel © sogestour
Angel y Isabel © sogestour

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