Martha Petrona Jimenez Pérez
Calle General Gómez 258, entre Masvidal (Hnos Padilla?) y San Ramón (E.J. Varona), two blocks from Plaza de los Trabajadores. Tél. (32) 29-1696 Her workshop is located on Plaza del Carmen

Two blocks from the city's busiest plaza, here are for rent three air-conditioned bedrooms with private bathrooms, a beautiful patio, lovely furniture, a nice warm welcome and a breakfast prepared for the travelers whom the house hosts.
This casa is named after one of the most famous works of sculptor (her lifesize characters adorn the Plaza del Carmen), painter and visual artist Martha Jimenez born in 1948 and who has exhibited - among other places - in New York, London (Feb. 2018), Rio de Janeiro and Eskisehir (Turkey).

Rates: 25-30cuc per bedroom per night, 5cuc more with the breakfast; dinners 8-15cuc; laundry; garage nearby.

Casa de Martha Petrona Jimenez Pérez

Precios: 25-30cuc por habitación por noche; 5cuc mas por el desayuno; cenas 8-15cuc.

Martha Petrona Jimenez Pérez
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Here are Martha's famous Chismosas (tattletales, rumormongers) on Plaza del Carmen.

Her workshop is located on Plaza del Carmen
... as are some of her works

photos © casa las chismosas + Róger Rodríguez Martín

Updated 13.04.2018