Freddy Serrano Puig y Aurelia Lourdes
Calle 1ra paralela #311, e/Fernando de Zayas y Manuel R Artola, reparto La Vigía (Florat), a few blocks north of Museo Agramonte. Tél. (32) 28-58-11 Cell 52 75 29 46

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Freddy has been renting since 2003 and the new couple's casa boasts a garden, a veranda, two bedrooms for rent, living room, kitchen, terrace and patio with a rustic-style ranchon Camaguey-style : everything to please travelers.

Each bedroom has its private bathroom and comes with air conditioning, a fridge, TV, DVD, hot and cold water, a double bed and a single.

Rates: 20-25cuc per room per night; dinners 7-10cuc. The whole casa can be rented; garage available; English and Italiano spoken; three meals can be served on request; 110 and 220V; visiting friend (s) permitted.

Used to be named Freddy y Mary; aka Aurelia Lourdes & Freddy on tripad visor

"Maybe this was one of the best casas particulares of our trip. It's hard to find a more helpful host! Freddy had all answers for all questions, what to do, where to go, etc. If you need info - just ask!

"About location. It's not in the city center, but walkable distance from it! But it's located in quiet place, without noisy traffic, so, for me - location is very good! About breakfast/dinner. Learn to say "no"! Freddy and Aurelia cook great, and portions are awfully big!

And Freddy all the time says : "If you want more, not a problem!" It's almost impossible to stop eating! :o)

So, many thanks to Freddy and Aurelia, if I'm in Camaguey again, I'll know where to stay! Jaroslaw D 251217 tripad visor •|• Camaguey • FREDDY Y MARY •|• Camaguey • FREDDY Y MARY •|• Camaguey • FREDDY Y MARY •|• Camaguey • FREDDY Y MARY •|• Camaguey • FREDDY Y MARY •|• Camaguey • FREDDY Y MARY •|• Camaguey • FREDDY Y MARY

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