Elsa Espinosa González
alle San Fernando # 62 (a quiet narrow street), entre Tio Perico y Triana, some 200 meters from Plaza de la Juventud, in the heart of town. Tel (32) 29-8104

Beware of jiniteros : they abound in this part of town. When we visited in Spring 2011, one was standing in front of the main door (which happened to be open) pretending the couple did not rent anymore — whilst Elsa and Henry were but feet away in their living room !!!
In the middle of the church-laden part of town, this superb and large colonial house with its decorative wrought-iron windows and an interior patio-garden offers a haven of calm quiet and beauty.

Elsa and Henry were a retired couple in their 70's who were very welcoming and they started renting before the third millenium - two air-conditioned bedrooms, each with ensuite bathroom and two double beds. Guaranteed parking.

Henry having passed away in 2012, Elsa, now takes care (with help) alone of the casa.

photos © sogestour

Updated 26.02.2015