Sonia Diaz Abalen
Calle Carlos Manuel Cespedes 119, entre Flor Crombet y Augusto Blanca in town center in reparto Cardenas Tél. (24) 80-2358
In the town center, Sonia's house fits the bill. We saw it by coincidence, having picked up her husband hitchhiking on the road from Mayari in March 2011.

Sonia rents an air conditioned bed room at the corner front with two windows (one double bed and one single); it opens from the large living room doubling as dining room where meals are served; garage for rental car; laundry service.

Ask the Señora to show you a rare document that she has in her possession, a certain invitation that very few people in Cuba can boast ever seeing ...

Rates : 20cuc per night for bedroom.

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