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"My experience with camping in Cuba is that it’s easy to wild-camp almost anywhere outside the cities. I spent 3 months riding the whole island and found excellent camp spots on beaches, in mango groves, in grapefruit groves, in farm fields, next to rivers, and in forests. Cuba was like one big campground! Actual campgrounds are few and far between and usually a bit run down." Gareth on travellingtwo.com 27.01.13
"The best accommodation for cyclists in Cuba is camping – the whole country is like one big camp ground. I’ve camped in forests, next to rivers, in farmer’s fields, on deserted beaches, in mango plantations, grapefruit and orange groves, and behind people’s houses. It’s free, it’s fun, and there’s always somewhere to pitch a tent. But be sure to study the ground before you peg down because the ants are a bit of a nuisance in some areas. elpedalero.com
Campismos in Cuba are often perceived as camping areas but in fact, they don't have much in common with European, Canadian or US counterparts. There is usually no camping with tents in campismos (as a last resort, one could always show up with tent and sleeping bag), as guests are shown to bare cabinas conceived for vacationing Cubans who bring their own basic equipment. Classified by rate of comfort, sites are categorized from 1 to 5, 1 being best. Villas (chalets) are also part of campismos (go figure...) and are classified with stars, like hotels elsewhere.

Cuban campismos celebrated in 2006 their 25th anniversary and their numbers reach today some 80 sites located in 60 municipalities which have greeted altogether over
25 millions visitors since their creation in 1981.

The total lodging capacity of campismos is about 20,000 beds,
the vast majority reserved for Cubans. In fact, out of the 80 sites, barely 10 campismos welcome foreigners. In Cuba, one can pick up a copy of the Campismo catalog, a full-colour brochure.

Campismos accomodating tourists Municipality Province Tel. Notes Cat.
Campismo Dos Hermanas Link Viñales Pinar del Rio (8) 79-3223 Road of Moncada at km 3
Villa Aguas Claras Photo Pinar del Rio Pinar del Rio (82) 77-8425 On Viñales road, at km 7 $30US/night
Campismo Escaleras de Jaruco 35 km from Jaruco La Habana (64) 32665
In Escaleras de Jaruco Park
Los Cocos (Best in Cuba) Photo Santa Cruz del Norte La Habana (692) 85231 Pool, 90 cabanas, Playa Jibacoa
Campismo Ganuza Link Corralillo Villa Clara (42) 68-0205 Playa Ganuza
Rio Seibabo Manicaragua Villa Clara (42) 49832
Near Condado de Güinia de Miranda
Campismo Las Coloradas Niquero Granma LD-0004
28 bungalows by the sea
Campismo Rio La Mula Guamá Santiago de Cuba (22) 62-6262
Climb all the way up Pico Turquino !
Campismo Caletón Blanco, 22 cabanas Il Frente, Guama Santiago de Cuba (22) 62-5797
Mayarí Arriba, Poblado Loma Blanca
Villa Guajamico Link Cumanayagua Cienfuegos (42) 54-0947 Between Trinidad & Cienfuegos
Cuban Campismos HQ (www.cubamarviajes.cu) E-mail : cubamarviajes (at) cubamarviajes.cu
Tourists who can afford it can rent a motorized camper vehicle for
caravaning (aircon, gas kitchen, fridge, etc for 175$cad to 200$cad or $160US per day on a weekly package,shared by up to 4 adults; unlimited mileage) and can park their gas-guzzlers (80-liter capacity, 600km autonomy) like the Mercedes Benz type C or the Ford Brig in some 20 sites : actual campismos or lots near hotels and/or beach resorts. Description of vehicles here

Sites accomodating caravans Municipality Province Tel. Notes
Campismo Dos Hermanas Viñales Pinar del Rio (8) 79-3223 Good spot for valley touring
Complejo Turístico Las Terrazas Sierra del Rosario Pinar del Rio Good spot for valley touring
Hotel Villas Campismo Escaleras de Jaruco Jaruco La Habana (64) 32665
Close to the capital - 35km away
Villa El Abra Jibacoa La Habana Close to the capital - 35km away
Parque Josone Varadero Matanzas In the touristiest spot in Cuba
Hotel Horizontes Playa Larga Zapata Matanzas Great scuba diving area
Hotel Horizontes Playa Giron Zapata Matanzas Scuba dive in Caleton nearby
Campismo Ganuza Link Corralillo Villa Clara
Marina de Trinidad Ancon Sancti Spíritus Photo
Villa Guajimico Link Cumanayagua Cienfuegos (42) 54-0947 Description here. Photo
Marina Cienfuegos Cienfuegos Cienfuegos Photo
Finca María Dolores Photo Trinidad Cienfuegos Close to town entrance
Campismo Planta Cantú 32 ch, 8 casas Banao à 5km Sancti Spíritus Between Banao and Sancti Spiritus
Hotel Ciego de Avila Ciego de Avila Ciego de Avila
Hotel Horizontes Camaguey Camaguey Camaguey
Hotel Villa Club Caracol Santa Lucia Camaguey Good spot for a great beach location
Club Amigos Guardalavaca Guardalavaca Holguin ditto
Villa Bayamo Bayamo Granma (23) 42-3102 comazul(at)teleda.get.tur.cu
Villa Las Coloradas Niquero Granma LD-0004
28 bungalows by the sea
Campismo Rio La Mula Guamá Santiago de Cuba (22) 26262
On seaside road to Santiago
Campismo Caletón Blanco Il Frente, Guama Santiago de Cuba
Hotel Versalles Santiago de Cuba